22 November 2012

Count your many blessings

In my hometown, there was this religious lady who worked as a hairdresser. When I asked her how she was, in the course of usual client-stylist chatting, she always replied, “I’m blessed.” Each and every time. I never heard her answer any other way.

I thought it was a little weird and simplified at the time. I mean, other stuff happens to you, right? And yet you’re just gonna focus only on the good stuff and distill it down to just one word?

Well, yes. I get that now. I really do. Because I’m blessed, too.

But in the spirit of this Thanksgiving day, I’ll attempt to count my blessings, or at least a small handful of them. Today and every day, I’m grateful for...

My wonderfully supportive family:

The opportunity to further my education, even (especially?) if it means two weeks at Nerd Camp:

The super-fast sale of our house, especially at a time when so many others are having trouble with the exact same thing:

Followed by the really amazing, nicer-than-we-are apartment we have now:

The ability to purchase, prepare, and eat delicious food every single day:

Both my job, and Mr. P’s job, which give us money to pursue our intellectual interests:

The honor of witnessing many weddings this year, which meant spending time with friends at each:

And having the means to travel for those far-away weddings and see amazing things along the way:

The opportunity to worship in communion with other people of faith every week at our beautiful church:

This guy. Always, this guy.

My health, my talents, and you, dear readers! I count you among my many blessings, too.

But the problem with counting your blessings is that you inevitably leave some of them out. So maybe it’s best to keep it simple. I am incredibly blessed.

What blessings are you counting today? Let’s be grateful together!


Tina said...

Yes! When we enumerate all our blessings, the list is long... and I count YOU among them... and I can say they're all a tie for first place!