27 November 2012

Guest room progress

Even though we’ve been here nearly half a year, many rooms in our apartment still have haphazard furniture placement and lamps that cannot actually reach a power outlet and items leaning up against the wall, waiting to be hung. Those things have been that way for so long now that I’m forgetting to be embarrassed when guests come through. Yikes.

But for whatever reason, our new guest room is usually more put-together than other rooms in the home (unlike our last house, in which the guest room often inexplicably devolved into a disaster zone). It’s also the room with the best light (yay southwestern exposure!) and, currently, the happiest color scheme. It’s by no means “finished”, at least as far as I finish decorating any room, but it’s in decent shape.

Which is great, considering the workout it’s been getting lately! Over the last month, I gave it a little extra sprucing attention for all the guests coming through. Our many recent guests may bite their lip about my other decorating laziness, but at the very least, they have a nice room to sleep in!

So today I thought I’d show you... well, not the “after”, but at least an “in progress” of our guest room! (Hey, you’re going to see it in the background of “what I wore” posts anyway.)

You might remember that it started like this when we moved in:

I set up the bed immediately for the friend that helped us move. By a week later, I’d finished emptying all those moving boxes (woo to the HOO) and it looked like this:

Today, most of the furniture is in the same place (though still dinged up a bit from the move – it’s on my project to-do list to fix that), the color scheme is the same, and I still have barely hung anything on the walls. But nevertheless, it’s more polished overall. Here’s what it looks like now when you first enter:

More welcoming, yes? It’s the same duvet cover, same quilt my Grandma made, same headboard I upholstered, same little vintage end table with vintage lamp. (Vintage is my new word for “handed down from my mom” and I’m going to use it judiciously in this post!)

But hey, how about those new colorful curtains, eh? Teal! I bought curtains that were not neutral! Because the world is supposedly ending next month so why not contribute to the end times!

Despite the bright color, I’m surprisingly pleased with how they punch up the room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hang them “high and wide” a la Sherry from YHL due to the wonky architectural wall sloping. But I still think they help, even when they’re not hemmed (yet). And better yet, they were cheap! I just used curtain rods from the old house (removed from the kitchen when I painted and never re-hung) and one $10 pair of VIVAN panels from IKEA to dress both windows.

Also, the idea of drilling into our plaster walls to hang the curtain rods scared the pee out of me, but that’s a story for another day. Who cares, they’re up! Just five months after purchasing them!

Continuing on around the room, you’ll find the shelves I originally purchased for the living room before deciding they were too vertically challenged:

Those shelves got moved around the apartment ten times before they landed here. For now, the shelves hold my white photo storage boxes (another unfinished project) and our many, many math and science texts. But on top there’s this:

That’s a frame signed by all our wedding guests. At first I thought the kissy-kissy photo in a guest room is weird, but I realized later that nearly all the people we’ve had over to the apartment were at our wedding and signed that frame! How fun is that to have in the guest room, then? Maybe it needs a new photo, though. Hmmm.

Moving on! The next corner will look familiar from the “what I wore” posts:

The mirror (a HomeGoods find for FORTY DOLLARS NO LIE) really belongs in more of an entryway setting, but unfortunately the only place to hang it in our entryway is directly opposite of the bathroom doorway. No thank you. So instead I’ve put it to use as a substitute full-length mirror by balancing it on that vintage glass-and-chrome table (yup, inherited/stolen from my mom). And speaking of vintage, under the table...

Vintage suitcases! Super-vintage, as they belonged to my grandmother. I thought it was cute to put them on display in the guest room as a sort of traveling theme. And they’re functional, too – one holds photo frames, and the other holds Mr. P’s random stuff. (Need a black rocker wig, straw hat, maracas, and American Tale VHS tapes? He’s got you covered.)

Across from the bed, we’ve got a TV for guests on a vintage metal dresser.

Also super-vintage – it was my mother’s baby dresser. It coordinates perfectly with the other dresser, above, that my mom found at a yard sale fifty years later. They’ve had a few different paint colors over the years, but I most recently spraypainted them white and added the chrome knobs. They’re slightly dinged up nowadays, but they are just too perfect not to keep for a future Baby P.

Finally, the last corner of the room:

I don’t have a good place to store the music stand, so I put my giant Charley Harper art book on it, opened to a fun color-coordinated print. I switch it up to a new page every few days, which I gotta admit makes me ridiculously happy.

And the desk is another vintage piece! However, the mirror (also vintage), as well as some art created by my nephew when he was a wee lad, is hiding the fact that the desk is pretty damaged in the back. Big chunks of veneer have chipped off, and the chipped part was just stained over again without filling it in.

It probably needs a coat of paint, especially since it’s the only wooden piece in the room. But there’s something warm and eclectic about it as-is, so I’m having trouble figuring out if and how to paint it. Your thoughts, dear readers?

So that’s our guest room today! It’s far from perfect (did you catch the many flaws in the photos? I didn’t point them out because I am sneaky) but it’s served its purpose well over the last few weeks. One of these days, I’ll get the rest of the things hung on the walls and clear out a bit of closet space for guest use. But in the meantime, who wants to come stay at Casa P? Come visit us!