07 November 2012

Instaday in the life

I mentioned last week that having a new shiny touch-screen doodad would likely revolutionize the way I document things for the blog. Yesterday’s post proved that – there have been times that I wish I could share a store visit with you, but there is no way I’d bust out the DSLR are start snapping away at the merchandise. But times! They are changing!

I also mentioned last week that I was giving Instagram a try, which is again indicative of the crazy upside-down times. A year ago? I shunned Instagram. Shunnnnned it. I remember once, a Facebook friend took a photo of a post-storm rainbow with Instagram and I laughed hysterically for several minutes because it was INSTAGRAM. THE COLORS ARE ALL WASHED OUT. WHAT IS THE POINT.

But here I am, eating my words. And I decided that if I was going to use Instagram after rolling my eyes at the poor hipster photography, I was going to go all out. Which is why I instagrammed a whole day in my life. Yes, I was that person busting out my little touchscreen doodad camera on the sidewalk, taking photos of inanimate objects. And by golly, now I am going to blog about it.

So here’s a typical Saturday in the life, which was fortunately a beautiful day to document. The morning light on our street was gorgeous:

Unfortunately, I was up early to go to work. Wah wah. Sad trombone.

So off to work! Although this... is not my building. But it’s close. You actually can’t see my building from the street; they’re all glommed up next to each other.

And clearly, as an Instagram novice, I had yet to learn how to turn off the silly borders.

When I arrived to my lab, I found that they’d ripped out the tile in the hallway in their latest remodeling efforts. Missing ceiling tiles = extra shabby bonus. Fortunately it looks far better today, but it was a bit creepy when I was there alone on a Saturday.

I spent the next few hours with the fishes right here:

Then headed back home for a late-ish lunch. Mr. P had already eaten and was knocking out an afternoon nap, so I dined alone. Leftover mac & cheese feels so much fancier when eaten with the fancy crystal!

Mr. P was still napping when I finished, so while I waited for him, I took care of a thank-you note I needed to write. I picked these up at Target a few weeks ago because I needed some new cards – aren’t they pretty?

Once Mr. P was up and at ‘em, we headed out to run errands. Our first stop was this thrift shop to check on some dishes my mom wanted (unfortunately, they were already sold):

Then we went to one of my favorite places in St. Louis: the Italian neighborhood! You’ll know you’re there when you see green, white, and red flags EVERYWHERE.

This happens to be my favorite shop in the neighborhood (that is, “on the hill”). It’s the most perfect market of Italian imports where everything is cheap. I hit up the $3.50 wine section every time I visit.

Not to mention the MYRIAD OF PASTA SHAPES.

After the Italian market, we went to the regular grocery store for the usual weekly staples. While there I learned what Brussels sprouts look like when they are growing:

Did you know they grew on a stalk like that?! Huh.

On the way home I realized I didn’t have a smug hipsterified Instagram self portrait yet. Fixed!

I know it looks like I am in the driver’s seat, but I assure you, Mr. P was driving and the image is just flipped or something. I definitely do not Instagram and drive.

Here’s another shot on the way home. We live behind this magnificent cathedral. It’s even more amazing on the inside. I will have to show you sometime, dear readers!

As we put the groceries away, I stopped to get this shot of some of my goodies from the Italian market: giant containers of in-house garlic powder and onion, a pound of arborio rice, and an enormous bag of dried parsley.

Would you believe we scored all of that and four bottles of wine for under twenty-five bucks? I adore that store.

With our groceries replenished, I set about pre-making a few meals for the week. If I can cook all the meat for a week at once, then I only have to wash the skillet once, and all the grody, stinky meat garbage can be taken out to the alley just once as well.

After a few hours, that night’s dinner was ready:

Taquitos and guacamole! I’ll share the recipe soon. Promise. Eventually.

I was tired after dinner, so I sat and watched football with Mr. P for a little while:

A very little while. I’m not good at sitting still, which is why I may find myself painting things at nine o’clock at night.

Finally I capped off the day with a mug of delicious hazelnut hot cocoa:

Annnnd that was my Saturday! A very representative, typical Saturday. Work, errands, puttering around the house. It may be boring for Instagram fodder, but I enjoy it.

I haven’t Instagrammed an entire day since, but I am still using it! Which is hilarious, because I usually spend so much time trying to take sharp, color-corrected photos and now I am intentionally screwing them up. So far I barely know how to use the app, and I don’t think I’ve ever logged in to the website from an actual computer Still! I’m sarahcate17 if you want to help me make my experience a bit more social.

In closing, here’s an Instagram photo from my walk to work yesterday morning:

Because I stayed up until nearly 1AM to see what Michelle Obama was wearing, dang it.

Sometimes the minutiae are things worth remembering, yes?


Miranda said...

I following you now! I have a whopping one picture from over a year ago, which happens to be in the rainbow-ish category. :)