06 November 2012

Junk store safari

First and most importantly: DID YOU VOTE?

Let’s stop. Stop right there. I am serious. You need to vote. And not just for a presidential candidate, but for any ballot initiatives and referenda in your area and for your representative(s) in Congress. For me personally, I feel honored that as a Missouri resident, I can proudly vote to keep one infamous, ignorant misogynist creep-o out of the Senate. And according to my sample ballot I received in the mail, I’ll be casting some votes regarding governance of our city police force, taxes on tobacco, and how judges are selected. See, I read about those issues prior to voting so I can make an informed vote. Because that is my CIVIC DUTY.

Did you do your civic duty?

Okay, great! I am glad that you did. High five! Let’s continue.

One of the things that St. Louis really does right is antique stores. It’s funny that I appreciate the good junk stores here, because as a kid, I hated antique stores. My mom would go up and down every. single. aisle. to look at old junk WE DID NOT NEED. And although it’s still old junk, and we still don’t really need it... I get the appeal now. I do.

So that’s how I found myself recently wandering around two of my favorite shops here (this one and this one, if you’re a local). I could pretend that I was still on a mission to hunt down a bathroom cabinet for us, but really... I just wanted to go up and down every. single. aisle.

And indeed, I found many things I wanted to take home with me! Here’s just a sampling. First of all, I love love LOVED this old teal telephone.

It was priced WAY high (sixty-five dollars?!) but I still wished I could have it on my desk in our office. Hey, maybe we’d even connect a phone line to it!

This patchwork of quilt squares got me all hot and bothered, thinking I’d spotted an affordable quilt...

But it wasn’t a quilt (yet), it was just the squares without quilting or backing. It’s just as well, though. Buying anything fabric-y at thrift and consignment stores just seems a bit gross.

Same goes for these pillows.

Even though they were super cute, twelve dollars apiece, and marked as brand new, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d forever smell like a thrift store.

Ditto for this scarf.

But it was super cute, no? Gold and shimmery, and do you see the ruffled edge? Too bad it smelled like Old and Musty.

If I wanted accessories from a thrift shop, though, I’d stick to these:

That section was so much FUN. Most of those necklaces were under fifteen dollars, and I found several that I wanted to bring home with me. (But didn’t. Because I am boring and practical.)

Most of the merchandise, though, was home décor-type stuff. There’s lots of junk, but there are a few things at the right price. This tall handpainted vase was twenty bucks and looked like it came straight from HomeGoods:

The white would really pop against our new gray shelves, but I passed it up.

Older décor can be found with a little imagination, too. I thought of an undergrad at my old institution who plays on the tennis team when I spotted this:

Wouldn’t it be neat hanging on her wall? And it was only eight dollars! Dude, I should take up tennis to justify buying an eight dollar antique tennis racket.

Another great old find were these metal drawers:

I thought these would be great for organizing smaller items on open shelving, like stationary and craft supplies, or boring functional things like batteries and cables. And at fifteen bucks apiece, I really wanted them... but I wanted the cabinet that they came from even more. Bummer that it wasn’t around!

Another thing that stopped me short was this shelf full of owls:

Now before you get all judgy, hear me out: Mr. P has a thing for owls, as it was his college mascot. I really wanted to grab one of these (perhaps the dreamy one in the middle?) and paint it a nice solid white, like Sherry and her ceramic animals. Then I remembered we already have white ceramic owls, and probably didn’t need more even if it did only cost a few dollars. Oh well.

Speaking of Mr. P, I had to snap this photo of a chalkboard for sale:

Unfortunately, he says it’s all made-up gobbledegook. Booooo to that. I’d hoped some booth owner was really into calculus, but not so much, I guess.

Here’s something else I wanted to bring home and paint:

A quilt rack! We have teensy closets, but a lot of floor space, so a quilt rack may be a good solution for storage. I thought this would be pretty with the brass painted white and the wood left alone (it was in good shape) or painted a fun color. Unfortunately this rack was priced WAY too high for me (fifty dollars? no thank you), but it was a nice reminder that quilt racks, you know... exist. As an option.

I’m starting to get into city-specific décor again, which is why this crate was calling my name:

For $18, I could probably try to re-create one with supplies from the big-box craft stores, but why bother when I could get the real thing?

I also found one booth that specialized in all St. Louis-themed items. In addition to the overflowing Budweiser and Cardinals merchandise, there were so many good frame-able things in these books:

And finally, remember when I said we needed more green books? Well. JACKPOT.

There were so many more amazing things in these shops, but I’ll have to save those for another day. In the meantime, how about you? Any good junk store finds?


Miles said...

1 part vinegar, 4 parts water-- shake in a spray bottle and spritz, spritz, spritz. The vinegar is a natural de-odorizer and won't smell like a salad after it dries. Get the pillows!!

You're the third person (myself included) that has recently blogged about good finds. Kinda fun, yes.

And, oh my gosh.. This is my 4th time trying to prove I'm not a robot. My comment may never get posted!!