29 November 2012

My Favorite Things: November edition

Can you believe that November’s almost over, dear readers?! Well, now that I think about it... yes, I can believe it. I swear, before we went to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, it was just a bit chilly and the trees still had leaves and the sun still had a bit of harvest glow to it. Now it is straight-up COLD and DARK. All-out winter up in here.

But before November wraps up, I thought I’d let you know about the things that made my dark, chilly days a bit brighter and happy over the last month! Even if they don’t deserve an entire blog post each, they definitely deserve a mention in case you’d love them too. Maybe you need...

Land’s End down parka

I’ve mentioned I walk to work, oh, eleventy trillion times by now. The 110-degree summer heat was no picnic, but the sub-freezing temps now... are actually not so bad. Seriously. All because of this coat.

Last year when I was finally deciding to take the job in St. Louis (instead of the one in Austin, TX), I realized I’d need a warm coat and picked this one from Land’s End for my wish list. Fortunately my generous parents got it for me!

I love it for so many reasons: the removable zip-off hood, the many pockets, the hidden fleece cuffs, the cinchable waist. And most importantly, it really is so lightweight and yet so warm. Some mornings, by the time I get to work, my face is red and icy but I still want to strip off my coat before I get inside because my I’m getting a little damp ifyouknowwhatImean. Coughundermyarmscough. They don’t seem to sell the exact same coat anymore, but this one and this one, both similar down parkas from Land’s End, will serve you well (and they’re on sale)!

Oil of Olay microdermabrasion kit

St. Louis isn’t exactly the Great White North, but considering how dry my skin is, it might as well be. I battle dry skin year-round, but in the winter I especially need help making my skin less... I’ll be honest... crusty. I picked up this kit at Target two years ago, and though I balked back then at the over-twenty-dollar price tag, that same kit has lasted me this long. Granted, I don’t use it every week (that’s too harsh! Be kind to your skin!) but it’s served me very well for that long when I notice my face is getting gross and flaky. Trust me, I’ve also paid for the fancy and expensive pink name-brand, and this is just as good. I’ll be picking up another soon!


File this one under “new favorite app” for my new iPod touch (also available on iPhone and iPad, plus a computer app version, plus online website). I’d heard many enthuse about Evernote for a while, even before my shiny touch-screen doodad days, and Mr. P suggested I try it when I was hunting for the perfect meal-planning app. I didn’t find the perfect meal-planning app, but I did fall pretty hard for Evernote.

Now I use Evernote make my meal plan and grocery list, jot down links to check later, take photos of flyers on the street for things I’m interested in... you name it. It has all sorts of fancy features to integrate with other apps, but honestly, all I really need to fall in love is the ability to insert checkboxes. Behold, my work to-do list in convenient checkbox-able form!

Oh, and guess how I jotted down my favorite things list throughout the month of November? Boom, Evernoted!

Farmer’s Market

Did I tell you guys that we have a weekly Farmer’s Market at work yet? It’s where I got that butternut squash! Also it’s on my to-do list up there! And really, it’s too bad that you don’t all live in STL and work at my institution, because it’s really the best little Farmer’s Market around.

I’ve never been much of a Farmer’s Market shopper, and certainly not a locavore. But this is changing my ways!

I love this little weekly market for a lot of reasons, but one of the best is that they have lots of variety with little competition. There’s just one vendor each for produce, coffee, nuts and chocolate, oils, and bread. There are two dairy vendors, but one focuses on cheese and the other does yogurt and milk. Despite the lack of competition, the prices are still reasonable for artisanal food! Our pocketbook and tastes don’t allow me to do all our shopping there, but I’m definitely going by each Thursday to buy what I can locally.

Shipwrecked! podcast

You listen to the delightful and relevant radio program/podcast This American Life, right? Of course you do, you are a living and breathing person and listening to stories is fun! You may also listen to the popular The Moth podcast, also for its excellent storytelling. I too love those podcasts, and am grateful they come out every week... but I also would like more of that, please. Fortunately I am finding more fantastic storytelling podcasts, and my favorite new listen is Shipwrecked! Currently there are just six hour-long-plus episodes available through iTunes, all released in the last few months. Fingers crossed that they keep releasing episodes!

The Rook (especially the audiobook)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always excited to find a new audiobook to fill my ears. And I especially love a good audiobook for long car drives. For the twelve-plus hours Mr. P and I spent in the car over Thanksgiving, he selected The Rook by Daniel O’Malley from our library’s available audiobooks. And you guys, it was the most entertaining book I’ve read (heard? consumed?) in a while. It’s many genres all at once, like the British version of The Office meets Bourne Identity meets Ghostbusters, and it does all of the genres well. I especially liked the audiobook for the talented narrator, but there are a lot of characters, which might make a visual version of the book preferable. Either way, this is a great read if you’re looking for something to fill the time during holiday travel!

Bailey’s Irish Crème

Baby, it’s cold outside. And Bailey’s is delicious in pretty much every hot drink ever, including last month’s endorsement.

Enough said.

What are you loving this month, dear readers? Tell me, tell me!


Christal said...

As a fellow walker-to-work, you may need to invest in some yak trax (if you haven't already) for those delightfully snowy/icy days. :-)