01 November 2012

What I wore: Clinging to summer

It feels a bit weird to post this outfit today for a couple of reasons. One, the outdoor temperature has dropped literally forty degrees since I wore it last week. And two, I promised you that I was going to start dressing more professionally. This outfit does not look professional. This looks like I’m heading to the beach.

Still. I’m sharing it anyway because dang it I love that top.

Navy and white striped tank: H&M, earlier this year
Gray cardigan: Tar-zhay. Again, roll the sleeves up for warmer weather. Say, there’s a tip you certainly don’t need for another five months!
Jeans: DKNY from Marshall’s. They’re normal straight-leggy jeans, but I roll them up too in warmer weather to create faux capris.
Wooden bead necklace: No idea. I think I bought it in college, which means it probably comes from Walmart. Geez louise.
Gold braided strappy sandals: Tar-zhay. I bought them because they were great for tucking in my purse to serve as dancing shoes at all those weddings we attended this summer. Mission accomplished and then some!
Sunglasses: The same $12 pair from Kohl’s I’ve been rocking daily for the last two years

And just so we’re clear: as soon as the temps rise above sixty degrees, I am so wearing this again.