08 November 2012

What I wore: Madam librarian

Right before the terrible, awful weather that was Hurricane Frankensuperevilstorm Sandy, it was warm enough to wear a skirt without boots or tights to keep my legs toasty. Gah, those were the days. And on that very last day before the weather suddenly, angrily remembered that it was supposed to be late fall, I made sure to have one last bare-legged hurrah.

White button-up shirt: Banana Republic (from the clearance rack, at least)
Gray tank: H&M
Gray and white striped denim skirt: Target, a few years ago
Red ballet flats: Target
Silver hoop earrings: Lia Sophia (a gift from my mom)

It’s hard to tell in that photo, but that skirt really is vertical gray and white skinny stripes (same dark gray as the tank and same white as the shirt). The red flats were an attempt to break up the matchy-matchy. Those flats are a favorite of mine, so it’s too bad you can’t really see them. They have a ruffle-y edge and a big button and are apparently cute enough that a stranger at church told me she liked them. And this isn’t the south, people. Strangers don’t just talk to you.

Whenever I wear this outfit, I always feel a bit school-marmy, especially when I have to wear my glasses in a seminar. But hopefully it’s more cute, foxy librarian than cranky librarian, yes? I hope? The new graduate student told me I looked nice, but I think she thinks I’m a real grownup or something, so... hard to say.

I haven’t given up skirts despite the cold weather now, though, so I’ll show you my solutions in upcoming posts!