15 November 2012

What I wore: Superhero

Dear readers, guess what! I am actually starting to dress like a grownup for work now. Accountability! Works like magic!

Even though I’m not showing you every outfit (because let’s be real, that would get boring), I have been dressing nicely, or at least creatively, nearly every day. There’s been a lot of “Does this match? Close enough!” or “This is... interesting but I AM GOING FOR IT” most mornings. And if the result is photo-worthy, you see it here!

One thing I decided to go for recently? Red tights. RED TIGHTS. Like I am Superman or something.

What the heck.

Dress, cardigan, and tights: Tar-zhay. All of it. And the dress was on sale for like fifteen bucks, because I am just that cheap.
Belt: Kohl’s. I promise I don’t wear it that often; it just keeps showing up here.
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall’s. I do wear them that often.
Earrings: Made by my mom!
Puffy eyes: All from staying up late to watch election coverage the night before. I actually picked this pinkish dress in honor of Mrs. O’s little number.

So yes. I am now the sort of person who owns and wears red tights like it is not totally absurd. But the best part? Not only do tights make me feel like a trendy grown-up, they are also surprisingly warm. Really! That’s crucial for that two miles I walk outdoors to and from work each day.

So maybe they aren’t so ridiculous? Maybe I feel a little bit like a superhero in my tights after all. Maybe... maybe that is a good thing.


Christal said...

Love it!!!!

Rachel C said...

I love the red tights, and the nod to Michelle. Squee!! I heart her. I wore my first pair of tights two weeks ago (smokey purple gray) and felt super grown up and hip. Who would have thought that something we frequented as 5 year olds would suddenly make us feel grown??