21 November 2012

What I wore: trendy and thrifty

It took me a while to embrace leggings. Five years ago at my old institution, I was rolling my eyes at the fashion-victim undergrads rocking leggings, assuming they just were just too young to remember how bad 80s fashion was. In my defense, the early resurrection of leggings looked pretty ridiculous.

But I confess, I succumbed about a year ago. They’re warm and comfy, and I’ve got skinny long legs that I might as well make the most of, right? The only trouble is finding shirts long enough to cover my bum, because short shirts plus leggings is atrocious (yes, still, undergrads).

Little did I know that I already had a whole drawerful of sweaters that pair perfectly with leggings. They just happened to belong to Mr. P.

That’s right. I’m the crazy lady wearing her husband’s sweaters to work. MULTIPLE TIMES.

Sweater: Mr. P’s, from the Gap
Leggings: bought on clearnace at Marshall’s for $3, wha whaaaat?
Black and white herringbone ballet flats: Converse from Target

Sweater: Mr. P’s, some swanky half cashmere, half silk Italian brand
Leggings: the very same $3 clearance leggings
Wool multicolor scarf: from Maurice’s (remember Maurice’s? Seventh grade sure does) circa 2003
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall’s
Silver hoop earrings: Lia Sophia

Mr. P, for the record, consented to let me borrow his sweaters, but didn’t offer an opinion on how ridiculous I was for wearing them out in public. I figure that he is just grateful that if I’m going to embrace a silly trend, at least I didn’t buy any more sweaters to do it. So basically every time I wear one of his sweaters, I am saving us money. Booyah. And if that doesn’t justify wearing three dollar leggins and my husband’s sweaters, I don’t know what would.


Christal said...

ok, obviously I a few days behind, but I'm glad you brought this up. I've been SO confused about the brown boots black leggings thing, because for some reason I've always been terrified of mixing black and brown. But this particular combo always looks so NICE, so I was confused. But now I feel confident to start doing this!