14 December 2012

Photo Friday #77: it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

When Mr. P and I decided to spend the extra dough each month to live in a historic mansion, we knew it was a pretty special living situation. But we didn’t know it would come with a neighborhood progressive holiday dinner – a chance to meet all our (mostly rich and retired, but charming and nice) neighbors and see inside their super-swanky houses.

(Don’t let the small frontage fool you. Those are 6000+ square foot, 4-story mansions.)

Last weekend at the progressive holiday dinner, Mr. P and I ate in that house in the forefront. It happens to be a registered historic landmark, because it’s T. S. Eliot’s house.

Who cares if I’m super late sending Christmas cards, or if I’ve barely decorated our apartment, or haven’t wrapped a single gift. This is our life. It’s pretty neat.


Tina said...

I am so pleased that apparently I did rear you to appreciate some of the finer things in life. ;-)
I'm especially impressed that these people included their "tenants" in their Holiday Festivities and invited all into their homes... there's a lesson somewhere in there about graciousness that more of us could all benefit the whole wide world in learning...

Sarah said...

Strangely, it seems most tenants choose not to attend these parties - I didn't meet any others, though I know they live on our street (including tenants in one of the houses hosting the dinner). Maybe they think it's not fun because most of the residents are older, but they're also super nice and friendly so that's a bad excuse. The other tenants should perhaps practice gracious acceptance of inclusion... they don't know what they're missing!