19 December 2012

Simple and sentimental Christmas décor

Last year, I talked up the idea of keeping it simple with the holiday décor, so that I could spend more time at Christmas parties, listening to Christmas music, and watching Christmas movies. And it was a success! I limited our decorations and the world did not end. More importantly, I had a delightfully lower-stress holiday season. It’s the way to be, you guys.

So I’m going to pretend that’s why I decorated even less this year, and not because of... I dunno, far too much to do at work. Or apathy. Or sheer laziness. What can I say? The tree is elaborate. When I finished it, I was basically done.

But it still looks a like Christmas around here! Aside our cornea-searing tree, our simple mantel is still keeping me in the spirit this year:

The greenery is just a swag purchased at the Lobby of Hobbies some number of years ago. I took it out of the storage box, spent approximately 2.3 seconds fluffing it, and called it a day.

The other little touches on the mantel were low-effort but high-sentiment. Honestly, I’m not sure where this antique wooden sign came from:

All I know is that it hung in my house every year growing up. And now, I’m continuing the tradition, despite – or perhaps because of – its slightly kitschy style.

The little snowman also has a bit of kitsch to it:

But that’s okay, because it was a teacher gift from one of Mr. P’s favorite and best students. The parent that gave him the gift was a fantastic advocate for Mr. P’s teaching methods, and even served as a “parent reference” when he went on the job market here in St. Louis. Maybe that’s why the snowman makes me smile, or maybe it’s because it really is kind of goofy. Either way!

Hopefully, we’ll get a few cards to put on our mantel this year, too. Between moving to a new address and failing to send our cards out reasonably early this year, our Christmas card collection might be a little sparse this year. But that’s okay, we’ll take what we get!

I threw a very few other bits of Christmas around the apartment – another swag on top of the bookcases, a little tree on the foyer sideboard, a Santa hat on a music stand. But this is the only other bit of Christmas décor worth sharing:

It was a gift from Mr. P’s sister, and I love it more as each year passes. I hung it on the doorknob of our coat closet, and every morning when I’m getting bundled up in my coat, I imagine looking at it years from now thinking about how 2010 was soooo long ago. And oh, that makes me smile.

So that’s all the décor I put up in our apartment this year. Ridiculously simple, yes: no wreathes, no garlands, no tablescapes. But what we have is enough to keep us from turning into grinches!

Though perhaps it helps that our landlady also has decorations up, including outside lights...

Best part of those? I didn’t have to put them up. That’s all the handiwork of our landlady, with a bit of ladder-holding from Mr. P while I stayed inside. Now that’s how to keep it simple!