18 December 2012

Thy candles shine so brightly

A few weeks ago, I shared this photo on Instagram...

... along with bit about the excessive amounts of lights and how our tree could be seen from space and also heat our living room in times of crisis. In other words, I’m upholding tradition around here.

Well. Sweet reader/friend Rachel said that she hoped I’d write a post about it! So here you go, Rachel: The lowdown on the annual Team P Tree!

Last year, I showed you the basics of putting up our tree, most of which carried over into this year. I skipped the red ornaments this year, though, and briefly entertained the idea of trying something fun and new with the color scheme. Perhaps light blue, to go with my current obsession with light blue? But ultimately, I kept it simple and went with all-white and gold, meaning I didn’t have to buy a single new ornament.

(At least not yet. If there are light blue ornaments on sale after Christmas I will be all over them.)

Gold is a base color on our tree nearly every year, thanks to the gold ribbon, gold snowflakes, and approximately fifty glittery gold balls inherited from my parents (shown here last year). For white, I used strands of pearl beads and the many white and ivory glass ornaments I’ve collected over the years (some of which decorated our dining room table and our entryway last year).

But I also included our traditional sentimental ornaments, whether they went with the color scheme or not. Like the silvery, blingy P, which has made an appearance every year since we got married:

This hand-painted glass ornament was a gift from one of my piano students, back in the day:

And of course, my Swarovski crystal snowflake got a place of honor, in the center at eye-level:

The sparkly ornaments are beautiful when the twinkle lights are on at night, of course, but even in the daytime the tree sparkles. Check out the little reflected beams of sunlight around our tree in the morning! Oh my gosh, so fun.

But of course, the most interesting – and most traditionally “Sarah” – feature of our tree is the enormous amount of lights. Lots and lots of lights. Our tree came pre-lit with 500 lights, and I add, oh... another twelve hundred or so. Seventeen hundred lights! Plus a beautiful lighted star to top it off! BAM, there go your corneas!

And finally, the gold and white tree skirt (old and inherited, like most of my Christmas d├ęcor) is a perfect finish to this year’s gold and white tree! Now if only I could cover it up with some wrapped presents. But that would mean less goofing off with my camera and the tree and, well, that’s asking an awful lot.


Rachel C said...

I love your tree!! (And the pic of you in the ball, haha!) Can people on the street see your amazing tree through your window? I love when trees are in front of the window so everyone can see.

Sarah said...

Thanks Rachel! It's in a side window right near the front of the house - but the houses are sort of close together in our neighborhood, so it's probably not very obvious. Unfortunately our front windows are all dormered, and it would have been tricky to fit a tree in there. But I'm with you, I love a tree in the front window!