06 December 2012

What I wore: like an onion

Lately I’ve developed this... ”style” feels like the wrong word. It’s more of a penchant – perhaps a quirk? – of layering a ridiculous number of clothing and accessories. Just yesterday I wore a tank top under a long stretchy shirt under a cardigan under a belt under a scarf under a leather blazer. Over leggings. UNDER BOOTS.

It’s getting to be a personal competition with myself in the mornings. How many layers can I fit on this body? It’s like I’m one of those unfortunate people who has to relocate with nothing but the clothes on my back so I put ALL OF THEM ON. ALL AT ONCE.

This outfit was not quite that bad, partly because it was a slightly warmer day (as evidenced by wearing a skirt without tights). But I distinctly remember getting dressed thinking, “Do I wear the tank top with the button-up shirt? Or with the cardigan? Or just forego the tank top and wear just the shirt and cardigan?”

“Oh wait. I KNOW. ALL THREE.”

Maroon tank: H&M
Flowered button-up: the now-defunct Steve & Barry’s (purchased circa 2007, as evidenced by how ridiculously short that shirt is)
Cardigan: Target
Corduroy skirt: a now-defunct outlet store in my parents’ hometown
Boots: Franco Sarto, from Marshall’s
Dangly faux-crystal earrings: Charlotte Russe

With the obsessive layering comes a bit of... flexibility regarding what matches what. Some days it’s more of a miss than a hit, but with this outfit, I was pleased that the maroon tank and dark jade cardigan were essentially more saturated versions of the pink and light green flowers in the shirt.

Ehhh? Maybe?

Ahh, well. Either way, I’m finding a way to entertain myself through the cold winter months. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how many scarves is too many scarves.