13 December 2012

What I wore: sweater-dressed

I’m still trying to wear skirts and dress nicely for work, but the sub-freezing morning temps are really starting to put a cramp in my style. Tights help, the super-long overcoat helps, the occasional unseasonably warm day helps. Most days, though, I’m skipping dresses... or taking a cue from the girls at the Catholic high school just down the street, and wearing pants under my skirt.

I can do slightly better than their pink sweatpants under a uniform plaid skirt, though:

Navy and white flowered button-up shirt: from Steve and Barry’s, when it existed
Gray sweater dress: Marshall’s
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, also from Marshall’s (I have no jeans brand loyalty)
Gray socks, Mary Jane ballet flats, and earrings: all from Target
Watch: Citizen, a gift from Mr. P. I wear it daily but often forget to point it out.

Also new to me is this business of wearing socks with ballet flats. It still seems SO INCREDIBLY WEIRD and yet I see all sorts of otherwise stylish ladies at work with ballet flats and socks. But they’re all scientists, so, standards are... different. Tell me, is this an okay thing now? Or am I pulling the winter equivalent of sandals with socks? Not that I’d stop if it is. I am a scientist, after all. I mean, I put on jeans with dresses and consider it fashionable.


Carlye said...

The whole socks with flats thing was new to me when we moved from OK to MN... I think it's regionally appropriate for us hearty midwesterners. Plus, I'm finding it's an especially fun way to spice up the bottom half of one's wardrobe. Argyle? Polka dots? Stripes? Don't mind if I do!

Sarah said...

Carlye, thanks so much - I feel so Midwestern now! And yes, I definitely need to invest in more socks. Our clothes dryer ate three of my socks last weekend (all from DIFFERENT pairs), effectively halving my sock collection. I now must find some argyle socks!