26 December 2012

What I wore: work holiday party

As you might expect, we’re traveling today (and the next day and the next and so on and so forth), so I’m keeping posts on the short side. I’m also not quite done celebrating with Chrismas-themed posts, so here’s a quick look into what I wore last week during a work holiday party.

Red shirt: from Tar-zhay a couple years back
Gray poncho: Ellen Tracy, a gift from my mom
Plaid scarf: another gift from my mom, and I cut the tag off before noting the source. But it’s super soft! As if that helps you locate it!
Silver hoop earrings: Lia Sophia
Stretchy black pants: purchased on clearance at Goody’s (remember Goody’s?) for $3, circa 2000. Yes, when I was in high school. Quite possibly the best three dollars I’ve ever spent on clothing; they still look remarkably new.
Sleek black boots that you can’t see: Aerosoles, purchased for $30 from Shoebuy

[Apologies for the terrible photo angle, by the by. I was running late but wanted to take a photo, so when this one came out in focus I was all, “Good enough!”]

I own no overtly-Christmas-themed items of clothing – no snowflakes, no stars, not a single ugly Christmas sweater. So I was happy to find that this combination of clothes pretty clearly says “I’m here for the holiday party!” Bonus: the pants have a stretchy waistband. That’s the sort of pants you need for this time of year.