23 January 2013

Come on in, we have MORE SEATS

A few weeks ago, I was reading The Lettered Cottage and saw that Layla got a new desk chair, the Hayden dining chair from World Market:

... with which I immediately FELL IN LOVE. I mean, I generally fall in love with most of Layla’s home, but this chair especially. Can you blame me?

See, I’ve been wanting a bit more seating in our living room. True, we have a ginormous sectional, but it’s a little awkward to cram six people into one L-shape. Conversation zone, that is not. So I’d always been planning to add a leggy chair or two – see, there was even one on the original living room inspiration board:

That blue chair is from Target, and I was never completely in love with it. It didn’t help that its $230 price tag didn’t feel particularly like a deal – even on sale, $165 was a bit high for something I didn’t love.

The Hayden, on the other hand? After Layla tipped off the source, I discovered that the chair was marked down to $150. After a scouting visit in-store (where the display dates on the price tag clued me in that the sale price would run through February 3 – always make a scouting visit!), I decided to return and snag two Haydens for our living room.

So last weekend, before the sickness overcame me, Mr. P and I headed to World Market to pick up my dream chairs. And in a sign that it was totally meant to be, I got them for under $150 apiece including tax, because of an additional 10% off deal I picked up! Considering that most other chairs I liked were well over $300 apiece (see here and here), picking up two for under that price made me absolutely giddy.

Then we hauled them home in the back of Mr. P’s car just like this:

We couldn’t even fit the boxes in the car... the World Market warehouse guys cut the boxes open right there in the loading dock. I immediately thought two things: one, AHHHH WHAT IF I HATE THESE AND CANNOT RETURN THEM OH NO, and two, uh... dude, where are their legs?

Loading dock guys assured me they were in a “zippered pouch in the bottom”. Uh... huh?

Oh! True that!

Sure enough, all the legs and hardware I needed were, in fact, zippered into the bottom of the chair. The zippered part also gave me access to the place to actually attach the legs with the supplied allen wrench:

All in all, attaching the legs was fairly easy, and they do feel secure. One tip from the instructions: the guide said to attach the legs without tightening the screws, then stand the chair up and tighten them from underneath. This allows the legs to be level when you’re securing them. Smart!

Around the time I was tightening the screws while leveling the legs on the hardwood floor, Mr. P asked if he could help. “Only if you want to take photos of me looking ridiculous for the blog.”

“Do you want me to take photos of you looking ridiculous?”

“I dunno, do people like that?”

“Of course they do.”

Because I love you guys.

Enough of that. Let’s see the pretty finished product!

Love. THEM!

Even though their legginess might give them away as dining chairs, I think they look like they belong in the living room, too. They’re the perfect airy balance to the large sectional. Remember, I love our sectional and it’s perfect for us, but it’s more “comfortable” than “polished”. These chairs add a bit of tailored sophistication, but not too much, so the sofa doesn’t look frumpy in comparison.

Not only do I love them where they are right now, I also love them for their potential in the future – at the heads of a dining table, as desk chairs, tucked in a reading nook (they’re comfy enough!). Because they’ve got classic lines in a neutral fabric, I can see them working in all sorts of future rooms!

Speaking of the fabric...

Oh goodness gracious. I could just rub my face into it all day long. Again, our microfiber sofa is absolutely perfect for us, but I adore having a bit of fancy schmancy linen furniture, too.

As for the color? Well, yes, I’ve just added yet another neutral into a sea of neutrals. But... it works. I promise. Part of the reason it works is the texture difference, which can be almost as contrast-y as a different color, honestly. But also, I had a vision that involved a few cloth napkins...

But that’s a story for another day! For now... did I mention I LOVE THESE CHAIRS? Go, score a few Haydens for yourself before the sale expires next week!


Rachel C said...

Ah! You were right. Hayden is amazing!! If only I was searching for chairs instead of a sofa. :-( On a slightly unrelated note, do you love your sectional? We are considering getting one but neither of us have ever had a sectional before. I would love to know some pro/cons to help us make a decision.

Sarah said...

@Rachel - I think I can speak for Mr. P and I both and say we LOVE our sectional. One of the main reasons we love it is because it's huge (10' across the back, 7' along the chaise side); it's essentially two full-size couches, so we can both lay down at the same time. I'm really glad we went for it over the smaller ones we looked at (EKTORP loveseat+chaise and 2+2) and I'm also glad we have a proportionately huge living room for it.

Hmm, downsides... I guess one downside is that you really do need more furniture than just a sectional if it's the main room in which you receive guests (as opposed to a den or basement, where it's just your family). 99% of the time it's just Mr. P and me, but in that other 1% it was really awkward to ask everyone to sit on the sectional. And if the whole room is taken up with a giant sectional, it can be hard to find room for more seating (fortunately not the case for us). But that's my only current complaint, and it's been resolved!

I can see a few downsides in the future, though... obviously, moving this beast will be no fun (it does break into two pieces, but still). Also, it's not symmetrical, so I'll have to cross my fingers that future living rooms will have a similar setup. But if you're not looking to move anytime soon, those aren't concerns for you!

Any other downsides would be specific to our sectional... like the fact that the back pillows are attached (I knew it would be annoying but decided to live with it) and how Mr. P manages to squish pillows and leave divots :P Also not your concern.

So yes, overall I highly recommend it! I guess my ultimate advice is to try to choose something that balances the scale and purpose of the room. Don't pick a giant sectional for a little room (unless it's the aforementioned family-only basement example), don't get a sectional just because you can both be on the same piece of furniture (if it's a small sectional, you might both be happier with a separate couch and loveseat), etc. I masked out the sectional on the floor with painter's tape and made sure it was the best option for purpose and scale before biting the bullet.