21 January 2013

Down with the sickness

Oh, dear readers, I do have projects and tasty food and pretty things to tell you about. I do! But I am sicky sick sick.

Fortunately, I do not appear to be afflicted with The Evil Killer Flu of Death that everyone’s concerned about (thus far, knock on wood). It’s more of a dryish bronchitis. But I do have a bit of a fever, and considering I get a fever approximately once every five years, I am counting this as for-real sick. Meaning the pity-party camp I’ve set up on the couch is totally justified, I think.

Bearing in mind that today is a holiday for a lot of people, I’m allowing myself to take a break from the blog, too. Partly because I need the rest, partly because Mr. P is here to bring me ginger ale and cough drops, and partly because I’m concerned about publishing Nyquil-influenced fever dream rambling about armchairs and throw pillows.

(Seriously. Is this post coherent? I hope so.)

Stay healthy, dear readers! See you on the other side.


Rachel C said...

Feel better!! On the upside, this means you can watch the Inauguration and see what our BFF Michelle is wearing. I am at work, so I'm being forced to record the festivities and/or secretly watch on my phone. :-/

Tina said...

I'm so sorry, Sweetheart! Hopeful that you are staying home the whole day - I'm pretty sure your lab mates really want you to get well, too... ;-)
I worry when you are sick enough to run a temperature, but maybe it'll burn up those germs quicker than usual for you. And that David can stay well and boil your toothbrush or even better, get you a new one.
Call me if needed - I'm closer than you know...

Mary Beth said...

Feel better soon!!