15 January 2013

Duvet upgrade

Please don’t be annoyed that I’m bringing up Christmas, like, three weeks later. I know, we’re all finally recovered from the wine and the excessive sugar and the sleeper-sofas such that Christmas has become but a repressed memory. It’s just that... I got some great gifts, you guys. And I wanna tell you about them!

I’m saving some of them for a future My Favorite Things post, but until then, I thought I’d tell you about a house-related present I am loving.

Specifically, it’s bed-related...

... and it solves marital problems. BUT NOT LIKE THAT.

See, I bought our queen-sized (NOT full/queen) Thomas O’Brien duvet cover from Target way back when Mr. P and I first got married. But I didn’t have a proper queen-sized duvet to use with it, so I figured that an old full/queen comforter I had would suffice in the meantime. Full/queen is kinda the same thing, right?

No. They are different (by up to six inches!). Look closely in the photo below, and you’ll see how the duvet cover is all thin and baggy around the edges.

Look closer, and you’ll see the years of sleeplessness caused by Team P’s middle-of-the-night battle for warmth.

Fortunately, a cousin saved the day night – and our marriage – by giving me a true queen-sized duvet for Christmas (thanks, cousin A)! It is divine! But putting it to its best use took a little bit of well-worth-it effort. Here’s how it went down!

First, I abandoned the “comforter clips” we’d been using to hold the inside corners of the duvet cover to the too-small comforter. At best they were bulky, and at worst they failed to work, letting the comforter wad up inside the duvet cover. That clip in the foreground, I tried to secure with scotch tape. GOOD RIDDANCE.

But of course I needed to secure the corners of the new duvet to the duvet cover somehow. So, I chose a less bulky, more secure method: tying them together! The inside of the duvet cover already had “ribbons” for that purpose (note, the cover is turned inside out in this photo!), but the duvet itself didn’t.

So, I set about sewing a ribbon onto each corner of the duvet. It wasn’t fancy ribbon, just leftover sheer stuff from our wedding, cut to the same length of the existing ribbon on the duvet cover.

Then I just knotted the two sets of ribbons together – with the duvet cover still inside out! – and boom, secured!

Sewing ribbons on the duvet took a bit of time, but it saves time in the long run if you don’t have to de-bunch a duvet every night! Now that we have a perfectly-fitting duvet, we have zero bunching – but if we still had problems, I could sew and tie ribbons along the side as well.

Once the duvet corners were secured to the inside corners of the cover, it was time to get the duvet inside the cover. If you struggle putting your duvet inside a duvet cover (or if you’ve avoided duvets specifically because it seems like it would be a struggle), you should know how super duper easy it is. Start out with the duvet cover inside-out, on top of, and tied to the duvet:

Then reach inside the (inside-out) duvet cover from the foot of the bed waaaay up to the head of the bed, grab a corner of the duvet (I grabbed the one on the right), and pull it out the bottom opening:

Hopefully that made sense because, uh, that looks like a mess.

But don’t worry, that’s correct, and halfway done! From there, you just reach in, find the other “head” corner, and pull it out too.

If you’ve done it correctly, you can give the whole thing a quick shake (flick? fluff?) and it’ll turn itself right-side out! Takes all of thirty seconds!

Of course, the head is now the foot, so you gotta flip it around. But that’s as hard as it gets!

(Yeah, we have indentations in our mattress where we sleep each night. Shhh, I know.)

We’ve had our fancy new duvet on the bed for several weeks now, and although it mostly looks the same, it’s made a huge difference! Our bigger, fluffier duvet is definitely keeping me warmer on these cold nights. No drafty, thin, duvet-less edges! No crowding over to Mr. P’s warm body in search of heat throughout the night! (Okay, I still do that. A duvet can’t fix everything.) And since it’s the right size, it stays put inside the cover, reducing de-bunching time on the occasions that I actually make the bed.

It’s such a huge improvement that I’m amazed I waited two years for a nice duvet! Which means... what other linens need an upgrade around here? Hmmm....


Rachel C said...

Your ribbon idea is brillant!!! We had a duvet for the first 2 years of our marriage and got rid of it because of the constant bunching. I didn't have the exact right size inner and I tried to use duvet clips. Your ribbon idea could have saved me so much time and frustration!

Sarah said...

Thanks Rachel! I can't take full credit for the idea (obvs... the duvet cover already had corner ribbons inside) but it's surprising that it's not more widespread, it works so well! But the correct size duvet definitely helps as well. It's amazing what a difference those few inches can make.