30 January 2013

Frog tape cord-hiding fix

Last week when I was ill and mindlessly clicking random blogs in a day-drinking-Nyquil stupor, I found this post from Hi Sugarplum! about hiding cords. She uses mini Command hooks and it is super great. Worth a read!

However. Before I found myself in my glassy-eyed, stumbling-around-the-internet state, I too decided to tackle the ridiculous exposed cords in our master bedroom... with a decidedly less elegant solution.

Oh, cords. Cords everywhere! They have been like that for over half a year, people.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned it once or twice, here or there, but our apartment is over a hundred years old. As in, I’m not entirely sure that the house was originally wired with electricity when it was built. And it certainly didn’t have any cable outlets.

I suppose I should be glad that it’s all been wired up, at least, with two, count ‘em, two electrical outlets per giant room. In contrast, our old 1990s-era house had at least one outlet per wall. If I recall correctly, the tiniest bedroom in our old house had four outlets. The smallest “bedroom” in this place (the room we use as an office) is twice its size with half the outlets.

Cable outlets here aren’t much better. This old apartment wasn’t exactly built with “here’s the TV wall” in mind, meaning the cable outlet location is most likely on the wall where it was easiest to retrofit. In some cases we’ve stuck the television closest to the cable outlet, or put the cable modem on a side table by the outlet with the rest of the computer accouterments across the room. But that doesn’t always work.

Which brings me back to the cord situation in our master bedroom. The co-ax outlet is in an annoyingly illogical place, between the two windows (seriously? You can’t fit any furniture there!). Better yet, that’s literally 180 degrees from where I wanted to put the television.

My solution? Purchase a 50-foot white cable and run it all the way around the dadgum room. ALL the way around. Now you understand the magnitude of the CORDS EVERYWHERE issue.

On the opposite side of the room, by the actual outlets, I was forever tripping over the stray co-ax and power strip cords to get to my side of the bed. When I’d finally had enough one day, I taped them to the baseboard.

With bright green frog tape. Yes. This is gonna be a far cry from Cassie’s classy solution. (Oh and shhh, I’ll get around to hemming the curtains someday. Soon! Promise!)

I lived with the green frog tape for only a few days before I needed a better, less-bright-green solution.

But I hadn’t yet read Cassie’s blog... nor did I want to leave the house. So I thought maybe I could try painting the frog tape white, such that it could blend in to the baseboard. But on my way to digging my paint out of the cabinet, I found this:

A white furniture fill-in crayon! It came with a set of other colors that I’d purchased to cover some of the scratches in our dinged-up furniture. Not the fanciest solution, but hey. I’m a renter. Work with what ya got!

It’s not a perfect match on the wall, obviously. Especially with that gray cord. Why you gotta be so difficult, gray cord?

But it holds a lot better than painted tape, the frog tape won’t leave permanent marks (important for renters!), it’s not BRIGHT GREEN, it took all of ten minutes, and best of all, cords are corralled!

Is this a fairly ridiculous and vaguely not-blog-worthy “upgrade”? Possibly. But do I see cords EVERYWHERE when I walk into our master bedroom now? NO. No, I do not.

This corner of our bedroom is currently boring and a little ugly (what, the design world isn’t buzzing about the stylishness of air purifiers?), but at least NO STRAY CORDS.

So far the tape is holding well except for one spot that needed a longer piece than I used. Yay, frog tape! But if/when it starts popping off and making the place look more low-rent than when it was just a jungle of cords, I promise to upgrade to a classier solution. I’ll keep you posted!


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

That is totally blog worthy. How can a person enjoy a room when all you see are stray cords?? Impossible. I like your thinking on the fly and just colouring that green tape.

I just stumbled on one of your old posts about us. Its a little late, but thanks so much for the feature :) Keep on DIYing!