04 January 2013

Photo Friday #80: Where the treetops glisten

This year, LIKE EVERY YEAR, Mr. P and I drove ALL OVER CREATION to visit family in both Tennessee and Wisconsin. The caplocksiness reflects my perpetual wish that “maybe this year we could figure out some way to cut back on the crazy Christmas traveling” which, for better or for worse, never comes true.

Although I think I’ll be a little less grumpy about Christmas traveling in the future, so long as it wasn’t as bad as it was this year. That big snow and ice storm that hit the middle of the country on Christmas evening? The one that is also, fittingly, in capslock? Mr. P and I spent the morning of the 26th driving in its aftermath, over an iced-over interstate through a region that owns perhaps two salt trucks, trying to head north from Tennessee. Fortunately we made it thanks to Mr. P’s steady hands and nerves, but it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat.

And... then it snowed every day in Chicago and Milwaukee. OF COURSE. Here’s the view from Mr. P’s family’s deck:

Okay. Harrowing road trip aside. When you’re in a place that owns more than two salt trucks and keeps their roads clear, where snow collects on the boughs of trees and brightens an overcast sky... well, even I’ll concede a white Christmas is kind of pretty.