11 January 2013

Photo Friday #81: fashion victim

[after an afternoon spent shopping solo]

me: Mr. P, look! I finally bought new jeans! Skinny jeans! I think I like them but I also think they are kind of weird.

Mr P: Why?

me: Well, they don’t have, like, a real button or zipper? You just kinda pull them on.

Mr P: You mean you bought jeggings?

me: No! NO. These are not jeggings! I mean, look, they have this fake fly thingy. They’re like real jeans except you just pull them on! AND they are super comfortable!

Mr P: Yes. You just described jeggings.

me: ...

Which is worse, accidentally buying maybe-jeggings, or liking them?


Mary Beth said...

Jeggings are the BEST!! Embrace them :)

Tina said...

too cute - either way... ;-)