25 January 2013

Photo Friday #83: on the teevee

Earlier this week, I took a photo of the aforementioned Nobel Laureate Wall specifically to show you here today. Because, you know, I got you guys on mah mind!

But then this happened.

I’m on the wall, you guys! Me! Okay, maybe it’s not the Nobel Laureate Wall, but it’s a start.

Sorry for the blurry semi-anonymity but, you know. Professionalism. Contrary to whatever the sparkly headband I’m wearing in that photo might suggest.

Say, does this mean my coffeepot is forthcoming?


Tina said...

You know how to make a momma proud! Congratulations! (what IS your favorite coffeepot;-))

Shanna said...

Hey, forget the coffeepot!!!Congrats on that huge impressive research award!!!

Janice said...

Might not be the Nobel wall, but at least it's not the Post Office! All kidding aside, it's pretty exciting to see your achievement up there for all to see! Congratulations!

Miles said...

You're famous!! How cool is that?

Now, if you stop by my blog, it may make you a little homesick for your N'ville home ;). Thanks for being my go-to gal for all things house!