02 January 2013

Still resolved: Thirty by thirty roundup, 2012 edition

Last year was the first time in... well, perhaps ever that I made resolutions and wrote them down. Better yet, I did them. This blogging stuff, it’s working!

And not coincidentally, the resolutions I made for 2012 were also tied to this blog, because the blog itself was a previous resolution. Maybe you remember, dear readers? that Starting a blog was item #1 on my 30 by 30 list! And the rest of the list became my goals for 2012.

[In case you’ve forgotten – which, let’s be honest, you have, because I have as well – you can find my reasons for including each item on the list here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.]

Before I wrote this post, I felt like I hadn’t conquered much of the list in 2012. Which would be unfortunate, because my big thirtieth birthday is just six weeks or so from today! But it turns out that I made more progress than I realized - A LOT more progress! Here’s what I did, and what I’ve got left to do.

#1: Start a blog [completed in 2011]

#2: Sell our house DONE!

#3: Organize important family paperwork DONE!

#4: Start family planning I’m... marking this one off without explanation. Just know that Mr. P and I got this, and I’m too busy devising cocktails to raise a kid just yet.

#5: Send birthday cards to immediate family DONE!

#6: Buy a new couch revised to: Sell current couch DONE! Both of those things!

#7: Design photo storage for old family photos [completed in 2011]

#8: Contribute at least $5000 to non-profits
Still working on this one, but I’m close (as in, over 90% of the way there)! I forgot to send charities a Christmas present, but they’ll get it soon enough, and I’m on target to hit this before my birthday.

#9: Donate at least 100 items to charity [completed in 2011... and 2012, many many times over]

#10: Volunteer for Room at the Inn
Again, SO CLOSE! I actually signed up for AND attended the Saturday morning training for the equivalent program at our new church, but have yet to actually go and volunteer. I should have the opportunity to scratch this one off!

#11: Participate in a community project
I’ll check this one off next month before my birthday! I volunteered to spend my Saturday at the upcoming STL Brain Bee. Apparently I am sitting on a “Neuroscientist panel”. Perhaps it’s not Habitat for Humanity or disaster relief, but hey, we all contribute to our community in our own way.

#12: Get published [completed in 2011]

#13: Earn a Ph.D. [completed in 2011]

#14: Teach a college course DONE!

#15: Live outside Tennessee DONE! Meet me in St. Louis!

#16: Get my affairs in order
You know, this is such a small thing to do, and yet I haven’t done it. At least I keep my horribly outdated will in a safe and not the freezer now, right? Maybe I can check this off in the coming weeks!

#17: Run a 10k race revised to: Run 10k
I lowered the bar for 2012, and yet I still won’t reach it. And I’m not gonna lie... right now, I don’t really mind. I walk over two miles, five days a week at a brisk pace, so I’m getting some exercise. But I think I’ll leave this particular goal for the next decade.

#18: Eat from a Nashville food cart revised to: Eat from a St. Louis food truck DONE! Not in Nashville, but that’s okay, I eat from the food trucks just outside my work building more than enough to make up for it.

(That’s my coworker on the left.)

#19: Throw a dinner party DONE! I hosted family for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. It was seven people, and it involved candles and fancy serving bowls and purchasing a new card table and chairs. So I think that counts, even if I did forget to take photos and/or blog about it.

#20: Have Saturday brunch once a month [completed in 2011... though I dropped the ball in 2012]

#21: Prepare one vegetarian meal a week [ditto: completed in 2011, dropped the ball somewhat in 2012]

#22: Take a train to visit family in Chicago
We still haven’t done this, though I tried by looking up tickets. See, when I put this on the list, I didn’t really know that train tickets can (and do!) cost as much as plane tickets. So I’m okay with the fact that this obviously won’t happen before I turn 30. Again, maybe next decade!

#23: Go on a beach vacation with Mr. P
Not done by my birthday, but did you catch where I mentioned Cancun on Monday? Mmmmm-hmmm.

#24: Visit far-flung friends DONE! Just once, and even for that I had to fight the urge to give up planning the trip because it would be easier that way. But I’m so, so glad I did! It’s helped me understand why sometimes, forget time and money, you just gotta go see your friends.

#25: Visit three new cities DONE! Austin [in 2011], New Haven, Woods Hole. Plus I visited several old ones in 2012: Madison, Memphis, New York City, London, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Whew!

#26: Learn how to use a sewing machine
I’m still Heat n’Bonding like a champ, for better or for worse. Who knows, maybe I’ll be inspired to check this off, if I can get past the instruction booklet of doom.

#27: Plant and grow something outdoors DONE, but only because the landscaping didn’t die.

#28: Re-learn five piano pieces
I gave this one a shot, but when we moved, I couldn’t reasonably move my piano to our third-floor walkup. For now, the piano is at my parents’ house, and this goal won’t be met. When we’re in our forever home, I’ll have my piano moved to the new place and give it a try again!

#29: Read five new novels DONE! Sooo done, thanks to audiobooks! Among others, I read/listened to A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, The Rook by Daniel O'Malley, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and most recently, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. All worth reading, but I think my favorite was The Rook, if you’re looking for a new read.

#30: Organize and create a digital system for my photos DONE, thanks to a new backup drive!

I’m a little sad that the 30 by 30 list – you know, the impetus for starting this blog will be coming to a close soon. I’m not particularly sad that I won’t be crossing everything off the list, though. I’ve already completed most of the items (21 of 30!) with solid plans to complete six more (donations to charity, Winter Inn, community project, my will, the sewing machine, and the BEACH) in 2013, if not before I officially hit 30. You know, that’s not bad for the eighteen months I’ve had the list.

So those are my plans for the short-term (short because I turn thirty so very very soon!). I do have a few new goals for 2013, but I’ll wait to tell you about those next week. Until then, tell me: What are your goals? You know if you say them out loud, you have to make them come true! So go on, spill!


Miranda said...

Yay, go you!

Miles said...

Way to achieve goals! I jotted down the book titles; thanks! I LOVED The Book Thief.