10 January 2013

What I wore: Legs for days

You know, these days I feel like the only photos I post around here that were taken in daylight are the photos of my clothes. I... am not proud of that. Thank goodness we’re past the winter solstice, eh? Daylight savings time, you cannot come fast enough.

Anyway! Here in this well-lit photo you can see clearly that my body is made up of approximately 87% legs, and apparently I wore this outfit to work specifically to accentuate that feature. (Don’t be jealous, unless you are also a fan of a torso so short that your hips are practically in your armpits.)

Dark green shirt and brown tank: Tar-zhay, a few years back
Cropped khaki jacket: I got this in the Walmart junior’s department ten years ago, no joke. It enjoyed a lively career in my early college days, then was retired for a few years due to awkward fit, until I discovered that rolling up the sleeves suddenly made it cute again. Also, I was no longer too fat to button it. Bonus!
Paisley-ikat-ish scarf: a Christmas gift from my family, circa 2011
Jeans: DKNY, purchased at Marshall’s
Boots: Franco Sarto, also purchased at Marshall’s, and yes I DO wear them many times a week

I believe there’s a few lessons here. If you’re feeling short, it’s nothing that low-heeled boots and a cropped jacked can’t fix! But if you have a 4’10” coworker, avoid wearing this while standing next to her unless you want to feel like a freakish disproportionate giant. Not that I know from personal experience.


Miranda said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself! I think the long shirt with the short jacket makes your torso look nice and long. You look perfectly in proportion to me.

Rachel said...

I never think to shop at Marshall's!