16 January 2013

What I wore: Professor Pants

Last fall – no, wait, TWO falls ago, where is the time going? – I had a minor freakout about having to dress like a professor every day for my new adjunct position. There’s even embarrassing visual proof of the freakout.

It took a lot of trial and error to find a brand of age-appropriate, professional-looking, not-expensive dress pants, but once I did (NY&Co, what up!), I stocked up. I call them my Professor Pants, because I feel like such a grownup when I wear them. And when I recently helped out with an educational tour at my institution during a particularly sleepless stretch of nights, well, that called for Professor Pants.

Pinky-gray sequined collar tank: H&M
Maroon cardigan: Tar-zhay
Gray dress pants: NY&Co
Fabulous black boots that I once again cut out of the photo: Aerosoles from Shoebuy
Eyebags: deadlines and nearly inadequate coping skills

Fortunately, I was able to answer all the educator’s questions thoughtfully and accessibly during the tour. You know, like a smart grownup. Sometimes you have to dress the part to become the part. Thanks, Professor Pants!