31 January 2013

What I wore: "vest" dressed

I know, I know, it’s the last day of January and that means I owe you a post about things I loved this month. I know! It’s coming next week instead. Today we’re gonna keep it short and sweet and all about clothes.

As part of my recent attempts to layer all of my clothes on my body at once like an emigrating war refugee, I’ve started pretending tank tops are vests.

Maybe not even pretending. Maybe I just wear tank tops on top of my clothes now?

Success has varied, but I think it works here. I’ve always preferred this shirt more with some sort of cardigan so it isn’t just STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES, and a tank top was a fun way to mix it up.

Black and white shirt with tiny, pretty metallic gold stripes you can’t really see: Alice Temperley for Target, from a few years back
Black tank top slash vest: H&M
Infinity drop earrings: owned ‘em too long to remember
Jeans: DKNY from Marshall’s
Mysterious black Aerosole boots: do they even exist?

FYI, next time I wear this, I think I’m skipping the jeans in favor of Professor Pants. But who knows when I’ll get around to next time? I’ve got a lot of H&M tanks to masquerade as vests, after all.


Janice said...

Love this look! Tank away!