20 February 2013

Living room art progress

One of the very first things I pinned when I got my Pinterest account way back when was a print of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms. It’s been an object of my affection for a long, long time, even if I didn’t have its title exactly correct.

I didn’t seriously consider getting a print, however, until I was bringing touches of green and turquoise into the dining room. Poster prints can be had here at a totally affordable price and canvas prints can be had for a minor investment, but I never bit the bullet because... we didn’t have enough walls. The open-concept plan of our first home, along with the good fortune of lots of windows, meant that I didn’t really have a place to hang it, no matter how much I wanted it.

So there it sat, in the back of my mind, for years. But recently I revisited the idea of getting a print or canvas of Almond Blossoms to fill this awkward space over our fireplace in the neutral-overdosed living room.

(Pardon the low photo quality, please, I just snapped that with my iPod one morning!)

It’s too big a space to leave empty, too high a space to fill with something super meaningful or interesting. Almond Blossoms seemed like it might fill the space perfectly – not too eye-catching, but fancy enough to complement the ornate fireplace below. Right?

But yet again, I hesitated to order it. Would the print be too turquoise? I’ve been bringing a lot of “spa blue” tones into the living room, and a bold turquoise might not play nicely. So our home remained Almond-Blossom-less, and this space remained blank.

Until recently, that is, when I spotted this poster for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

(Another iPod snap. I don’t know why I do that instead of grabbing the DSLR. And at NIGHT. Ugh. I’m sorry.)

Why was I thumbing through the poster section at Hobby Lobby? I... I have no idea. Sometimes I just find myself in various sections of Hobby Lobby for no rhyme or reason and I stay there coming up with ideas and making important decisions until Mr. P calls and wonders where I could possibly have been for the last two hours.

Anyway. I found that beautiful spa-blue Almond Blossoms lookalike (I’m so sorry, I threw away the sticker with the artist’s name so I can’t credit properly!), and it was $18 on sale. But that seemed perhaps a lot of money to spend on a poster. I mean... aren’t you supposed to stop decorating with posters once you move out of a dorm room?

Hmmm. But it did look nice up there, right? And it looked remarkably like the paintings in our bedroom, carrying a nice theme throughout the house:

I know what I like, I guess!

So, weeks later, I finally got around to removing the shrink wrap and putting the poster in a frame I already had on hand. Rather than hanging it, though (we know how non-committal I’ve been about nails in the wall), I just leaned it back up against the wall.

And... I immediately liked it less. Argh.

I do think this is the right art, but the frame definitely screams POSTER POSTER HELLO THESE GROWNUPS ARE DECORATING WITH POSTERS. So much for making this place look less like a rental.

Still. I do think this is the right art for the job. The blue is the soft blue that works with the trellis rug, and the floral plays so nicely with the cloth napkin pillows. And the fact that we have remarkably similar art in the bedroom, which I’ve loved since I purchased it, tells me this Almond-Blossoms-esque print is meant to be in my home.

So now I’m looking into mounting it onto a canvas (Young House Love has a trial-and-error tutorial here) and just painting the sides blue to blend in. I was reluctant to drop the cash on a canvas, but this print does seem to be worth it – the poster is heavy-duty with a nice matte sheen, so the investment to mount it on a canvas seems reasonable.

Sorry for not telling a complete blog-worthy story, but I just wanted to keep you posted on the baby steps I’m making in decorating around here! I’ll let you in on the canvas-mounting, too, once I get around to it. I do have motivation, though... I always love a reason to lose a few hours in the aisles of Hobby Lobby.


Rachel C said...

I love the addition of color to the wall, but, I'm afraid I agree that the think black frame does scream "inexpensive poster art!" Bummer.

Could you give us an updated tour of the apartment soon, especially the living room? You've made so many changes and it would be fun to see before and afters. Plus I would love to see a full view of the living room to see how everything works together.

Tina said...

Wonder if spray painting the frame white would make it framed but less innocuous... ???

Janice said...

I'm the "black sheep" apparently and if you'd seen my home, I have no business commenting on decorating...because I basically have NONE in my home! However, I kinda like the thinner black frame on the picture. To me, it's a nice contrast to the thick wood of the fireplace. The subtle black ties into the darker legged furniture and ottoman next to fireplace. However, as I said, what the heck do I know :) GOOD LUCK!

Janice said...

I forgot to mention, do you know you can get a 40% off one item coupon on the Hobby Lobby website each week? you can only use one coupon per day.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone! @Janice, I was sort of thinking it could be a nice modern contrast to the fireplace too... sort of "glam art gallery meets historic woodwork". But I think @Rachel may be right... it ends up looking cheap and just college-dorm-room-esque. Grr. @Tina, I did think about painting the frame gold (towards the "glam"), but I'm thinking a canvas is really the look I want, just like when the poster was on cardboard without a frame. I need to print out a 40% off coupon (I'm a longtime fan of those!) and head to the Lobby of Hobbies, I think.

Sarah said...

Oh! Forgot to mention to @Rachel that I've had an apartment tour (a video one, perhaps?) on my mind but just haven't gotten my act together to do it. Thanks for the request, though, it's providing some motivation!