06 February 2013

My Favorite Things, January edition

Before we get any further into February, it’s time to let you guys in on the things I fell hard for in January! I’m not sure why, but I feel like I jotted more items on my ongoing “My Favorite Things” list this month than ever before. Maybe I needed a few extra pick-me-ups to distract from all the bad weather and exhausting workload?

Hopefully these things can help cure your January blues:

Urban Outfitters cable-knit beret

Yup, this ‘un. It was on my personal Christmas wish list as well as my Gift Guide for the Easy to Please. My sister-in-law and her husband got it for me for Christmas (yay!) along with the matching scarf (double yay!) which I did not even know existed.

If you click the link, you’ll see that the UO model has a weensy, delicate head, and the beret is all oversized and slouchy and hipsterified. But as I’ve previously admitted, I have a giant head. Enormous circumference. And I have a lot of unruly hair that can barely be contained in a topknot. I needed an oversized hat that could fit my massive head AND tons of hair when I pin it up AND still cover my ears. This one delivers and keeps my ears toasty warm on my daily walking commute, even if it looks much less oversized on my giant noggin!

Lavender owl lovie

Speaking of keeping warm and Christmas presents, I got this cute little dude (dudette?) from an aunt-in-law in Wisconsin.

I’m not sure how she knew about my current owl mini-obsession; perhaps she is a mind-reader? (Or a blog-reader? Hmm.) But the best part, which you can’t see, is the microwavable lavender-scented insert. Yes. It is basically an aromatherapeutic heating pad. Something to keep your tootsies toasty. Or as I’m calling it, to match my three-year-old tendency to cuddle: a lovie. You might need one (it seems to be available in a lot of places online).

Oh and PS, the same aunt also gave me the sherpa blanket in this photo, which matches our new living room colors perfectly, and some woolen socks. Her reasoning, knowing I’m a southerner transplanted to the Midwest? “I thought you might be cold.” Not anymore!

Vanilla chai tea

As you know, I was sick a few weeks ago, and nothing is better when you’re sick than having someone make you a nice cup of tea. Ok, well, maybe a nap is a little better. And those tissues with the lotion in them. And day-drinking Nyquil.

Whatever. Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai is my tea of choice, whether I’m under the weather or just wanting a cuppa. Between our cold and rainy trip to London last summer and the Midwest winter I’m currently braving, I’ve really taken up tea drinking. Fortunately this vanilla chai is available at our totally not-fancy supermarket, so hopefully you can find it near you!

Nashville Predators Hockey

One last cold-weather treat. THANK GOODNESS the lockout is over, amirite? How could we go a whole year without Captain Hottie?

I’m pleased to see my six-and-a-half foot goalie in action again, too.

Yeah, go Preds!

The Queen of Versailles

I heard all the buzz about this documentary when it first came out, but couldn’t muster the interest to seek it out and watch it. A documentary about a ridiculously rich family that loses their record-breaking house and all their wealth in the housing market collapse? Yeah. It didn’t sound good to me either. I don’t watch reality television and the recession is not really entertainment – honestly, it sounded trashy. Thanks but no thanks, critics.

Then Rainn Wilson tweeted that it was streaming on Netflix, so I figured I might as well turn it on in the background while I did other stuff to see why it was such a critical darling. Annnnd then I was fascinated – no schaudenfraude, just intrigue and feeeeelings. And then I watched it again. And it stuck with me for days. I both liked and loathed the family (particularly the wife/mom), I envied and shunned their lifestyle. It’s a pretty incredibly documentary, and if you have Netflix streaming, you should give it a try. I promise it will evoke strong, if not mixed, emotions.

Chambaland’s ”Never Want You Back” mashup

I’ve got a lot of music recommendations this month, dear readers. Here’s one of the several songs that were glued in my head this month:

Both songs are earworm-worthy on their own (yeah I’ll say it, I’m liking Taylor Swift’s music nowadays). Together? Hot dang that’s genius. Here’s the artist’s tumblr if you wanna download instead of clicking the replay arrow on Youtube over and over like I know you’re gonna do.

Ben Folds Five’s “The Sound of the Life and the Mind” album

Ben Folds is reunited with his five (two). And they put out a new album, which my father-in-law gave me for Christmas. I am a fangirl and therefore I love it (even if not quite as much as Way to Normal, which manages to hold its title as my favorite album). Nothing fires me up more than a rousing chorus of “Do It Anyway”.

Also, there are Fraggles involved. YES. (Please, you gotta watch to the very very end.)

And finally:

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop”

I am fairly sure that everyone who appreciates this has probably already heard it. If not: NSFW. And LANGUAGE. SO MUCH BAD LANGUAGE. But also so many lulz!

I mean. Try listening to that without dancing. Yeah, I listened to it for four straight days nonstop (and therefore danced for four straight days nonstop). Because I’mma take your grandpa’s style!

Those are the things that are helping me fight the winter doldrums! What are you loving nowadays, dear readers?


Tina said...

I want to dance my way to the 99 cents furniture section... !!! awesome...