15 February 2013

Photo Friday #86: birthday girl

T minus two days before the big three-oh.

Honestly? I’m looking forward to it. It took me a few decades to understand who I am and who I wanted to be, and now that I think I’ve got it figured out, I just get to enjoying being that person. Which is startlingly like the person I was nearly thirty years ago. Huh.

Awkwardly excited, a little bit hipster and a little bit nerd, with a tendency to gesticulate with careless abandon and wear favorite articles of clothing together regardless of whether they match. Yes. That sounds about right.


Miles said...

I hope you have a perfectly happy birthday on Sunday; the big 3-0!! I'm impressed by your 30 by 30 list and all that you accomplished. Congrats!

Last year, I wanted to skip turning 29 and go straight to 30. My friends with kids the same age as mine are older than me and I hated being the baby of the group but now that it's getting closer(will celebrate turning 30 AND our 10 year wedding anniversary in May) and closer, I'm no longer excited about it but more anxious, wishing we could now go backwards. Ugh. 30. So.old!