04 February 2013

Snow day

We interrupt your usual Monday morning Eats with... a snow day. No, a snow night.

Unfortunately, today isn’t actually a snow day. The snow and ice have all but melted, and Mr. P and I are off to work per usual. But here on the blog? Snow day.

When we made the choice to rent our current apartment, it was beautiful springtime. But even at the time, I could see how wonderfully old-timey, charming, almost European our street would feel come wintertime. And that’s saying a lot, coming from a Southerner who lived in fear of frozen, unplowed roads and ran to the grocery when so much as a single flurry was forecast (milk and bread! must buy milk and bread!).

So. Saturday night I was working on the couch when Mr. P looked out the window and exclaimed, “It’s snowing!” I grunted, or offered some equally disinterested reply. A few hours later, he checked again and said, “Now the streets are covered!” Again, I kept working. But when he was headed to bed, looked out the window, and announced, “It looks like Narnia!”... well, then I wanted to see.

At first I could only make guttural, groaning whimpers. Then Mr. P reminded me that we had already been to the grocery store and had milk and bread, and that it would be sunny tomorrow, and perhaps maybe I would like to take some photos?

That man. He gets me.

All these photos were taken at nearly one o’clock in the morning. Can you believe how bright it is? No editing to make them brighter, pinky swears.

Yesterday morning the roads were still covered, so we made the decision to walk to the Cathedral for mass instead of driving to our usual church. As I stomped through six inch snowdrifts, I shrieked, “This is crazy!” But I was laughing when I said it.

By that afternoon, the sun was out, the temperatures were above freezing, and the streets had been plowed. But still, icicles!

You know, maybe deep down, I don’t really hate the cold and the snow. Maybe they just do winter all wrong in the south. Here it’s just a little more magical, just a little bit Narnia.


Tina said...

So pretty, beautiful, gorgeous - and Narnia... I recognize all the perspectives except the one straight on with the stairs - did y'all/you go out walking???

Rachel C said...

These pictures would be so pretty framed in your house, especially since they fit your neutral color scheme!

Janice said...

Winter does have a beauty all its own, I'll give it that. However by mid-Feb. I have had enough of the gray days, cold temps and the shoveling. :) In my advancing years I'm beginning to thing Snow Birds have it right.... live in a place that if you WANT snow, you DRIVE TO IT! ;)

Tina said...

Really. Rachel is right. I would love to have them as a framed grouping in my house even...