21 February 2013

STL adventures: the fabulous Fox

It’s been a little while since I told you about an adventure that Mr. P and I experienced in our new city, right? Like, so long that I won’t be able to call it “our new city” pretty soon.

But this past Tuesday night, Mr. P and I headed out in the chilly evening to Grand Center, the theatre and arts district of St. Louis. Our ultimate destination?

The Fabulous Fox Theatre! I’d attended this theatre a few times as a kid (I think maybe I saw Phantom of the Opera and Annie? Not simultaneously because that would be weird?) but hadn’t been as an adult. And that’s really a shame, because gorgeous and amazing sights are wasted on kids. I remembered thinking that this place was “fancy”, but somehow as a child, I missed that it was “jaw-dropping impressive”.

The whole place is in “Siamese Byzantine” style, according to the blurb about the theatre in our program. It’s opulent and fascinating and just this side of tacky. In a good way. It makes me feel like perhaps I missed an opportunity to have a gimlet with Zelda Fitzgerald beforehand.

That photo above is the lobby; here’s the theatre itself:

Ok, ok, fine. My waist-level iPod shots really can’t do it justice. I was worried about the ushers politely telling me not to take photographs because my fear of correction from authority figures would make that the most horrifying thing ever.

So here’s what the theatre really looks like:

Yes. It is incredible.

But hey! I haven’t even told you why we were there yet!

Guess what I got for Valentirthday.

OH HECK YES. Mr. P, he is the best.

Just in case you aren’t on the up-and-up with the latest in musical theatre trends, the Book of Mormon (in addition to a cornerstone piece of literature for the nation’s fastest growing church) is a musical created by South Park producers Trey Stone and Matt Parker. It is about Mormons and Ugandan warlords and Orlando, Florida. There is Jesus and tap-dancing and lots of belting out references to genitalia. Oh, and it won practically every Tony Award.

It’s hilarious and delightful and horribly, cleverly vulgar. It caused me to burst into laughter and feel better about humanity in general. And no, it’s not three hours of Mormon-bashing. Of course it doesn’t get everything about their faith exactly right, but there’s nothing mean-spirited. It’s charming. Like Mormons!

You should see it if you can. You can tell from our not-cheap yet upper-level seats and the fact that we were there on a Tuesday that tickets are not super easy to come by... but try. And if you can see it at the gorgeous Fox Theatre, well, that’s even better.

I hope we get to visit the Fox again during our time in St. Louis, but even if we don’t, this was one adventure I loved... even if I was out until eleven o’clock on a weeknight. WORTH IT!


Carlye said...

Kamas and I saw it earlier this month as it toured through Minneapolis. Hands down, one of the funniest musicals I have ever seen! I lost track of the number of times I thought, "I can't believe I'm laughing at this. This is so wrong!" :-) Bonus for you and Mr. P that you got to see it in such a beautiful theater!

Tina said...

In addition to the times you were at The Fox before, I also got to go as a kid. Don't know if I ever told you, Mom and Daddy took Ray and me to see The Lady and the Tramp St. Louis premiere and Kiss me Kate in 3-D... and you're right about the theater's elegance being wasted on kids. I remember the movies more than the theater... probably like you at Disney World at 4. I think all you really saw were people's legs and the crowd control bars...!
Happy you had a good time! (Btw, this is what I was referring to at Christmas, so I'm especially glad y'all went! ;-))

Miles said...


Sarah said...

@Carlye, YES! I keep recommending it to people while adding "But it's REALLY vulgar!" after every compliment. Then, "But it's REALLY funny! But REALLY vulgar!"

@Tina, I wish they still showed movies there! I think it's all stage shows now.

@Miles, I really hope that's a "YES, that's awesome and indeed, Mormons are charming!" and not "Aiiyiyi, we can't be friends anymore" ;)

PS to all, I found an article with photos taken at the show we saw! They're here if you are interested!