14 February 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers! How’s about a little party today, hmm? I’d provide heart-shaped cookies and red punch if I could. Instead, I’ll offer up some cute Valentine’s ideas from around the web... and one offering from myself. It’s the closest I’ll come to a Valentine’s craft.

First of all, if you are baking a cake today, might I suggest making it in a heart shape? Oh, you don’t have a heart-shaped pan? NO PROBLEM.

Kid Snippets has a Valentine for you. I mean, a Valentime.

Nester had a crafting party for Valentine’s Day, as she is more organized than me, has perhaps more time, and clearly is far more into holiday-specific crafts. I think these gloves were my favorite.

Maybe I’m not usually a hopeless romantic, but I love the idea of surprising someone with this in their tree. Vaguely reminds me of this Swiss tradition (which I only knew about thanks to the Swiss Mister).

The Dear Lillie blog showed off their Valentine’s décor, and you should click over for all the eye candy. I am absolutely smitten, BUT... I love this earlier version even more. At first it made me want to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but then I realized, nope, I’d like this up year-round.

And finally, I decided to jump on the make-your-own Hey Girl bandwagon (inspired by the original Ryan Gosling meme) and make a few Valentines for you. I mean... for me.

I can’t stop you from printing them out and distributing them to your classmates, so I guess that’s a risk I just have to take with these custom valentines. Valentines to myself. Pitter-pat goes my heart.

Hope you get a little love today!


Tina said...

So sweet, inspiring and ... funny, funny, funny

CalcDave said...

Oh dear...