28 March 2013

Bathroom wall art, finally

My “get some dang stuff on the walls already” project continues today!

Aside from a series of posts about fixing our bathroom’s storage woes (here, here, and here), I haven’t spent a lot of time here talking about prettying up the bathroom. I mean... what can I say? It’s a rental. Basically everything is fixed into place and unchangeable, whether I like the shiny chrome towel rack, yellowy-beige ceramic tile, pinky-beige linoleum, and laminate countertop or not. (For the record, all of those are not.)

And without the ability to paint, there’s only one thing left I could do to personalize this place: put out a few décor items (FEW, because a cluttered bathroom is never a good look), and hang things on the wall. The décor items I put out on day three or so of living in the apartment:

As I said before, I decided to stick with contrasty-neutrals (that is, everything from white and ivory to dark gray and black) and a bit of green. That meant that the black shelves, last seen poorly attempting to fill this corner of our master bedroom in the old house, might fit the bill:

In this place, I thought they’d fill the space over this weird storage-wall-thingy nicely. To help visualize and plan the spacing, I once again turned to painter’s tape:

(Yeah, I did this project at night in a poorly-lit room. It happens.)

Painter’s tape helped me through the rest of this project, too. See, I’ve found that my nifty frame-hanging trick doesn’t work so well for the screw-holes in the backs of shelves. Why? I have no idea... I just know it all falls apart and I end up getting all hot and frustrated and swearing and spitting until I can find Mr. P and announce that EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE AND OUT TO GET ME. Seriously. A project involving positioning screw holes is almost guaranteed to devolve into an epic tantrum.

So in order to avoid another near-inevitable screw-hole-related meltdown, I taped another piece of painter’s tape sticky-side out on the back of the shelves. Then, I stuck a pen through the tape into the screw holes on the back of the shelf:

Next, I marked the center of the shelf with a pencil, and then used painter’s tape to hang a piece of paper so the edge indicated the middle of the shelf below. Then it was just a matter of lining up the center of the shelf with the paper while balancing a level on the shelf, and finally, pushing the shelf onto the wall right on top of the visualizing/spacing tape:

Geez. I hope that makes sense... I was out of hands to take photos! The bottom line: I used a lot of painter’s tape.

Then I just screwed some medium-gauge screws into the wall, peeled away the tape, repeat twice, and hung them up!

Huzzah, wall art! I’m not sure I’ll leave that photo of my grandpa in that frame, or even leave that frame, or even keep those candles there. (By the by, I scored those at Target and I adore them. The green bubble-glass is awesome, and every scent is WHITE! No dumb brightly-colored wax! I picked lemon custard and almond croissant, and they both smell marvelous.)

Now, please note that I didn’t use any sort of wall anchors or anything to make these extra-secure. Mr. P and I, we’re not so rough on decorative shelves, and I’ve found that the plaster walls are perfectly capable of holding a few pounds. So I can’t necessarily recommend that you mimic my cavalier attitude toward securing these to the wall... I just know it works for us.

I’m finally starting to feel that the walls are more balanced and less rental-y in here now:

Well, maybe not white-balanced, but I’m doing the best that I can in this lighting.

Oh, and any super-eagle-eyed readers might notice that the beachy prints, which used to lean against the wall in that spot, are now finally on the wall, too.

When we first moved in, I was frustrated by what felt like a wall-o’-towel-racks in here – three in a row! (I actually removed towel racks in both of our old bathrooms, as an example of how much excess towel racks distress me.) But I think I finally prettied-up this wall so that I don’t see just towel racks:

It’s more stuff than I’d usually hang on a single wall, but at least it serves as a distraction so the wall no longer screams HELLO TOWELS TOWELS AND MORE TOWELS.

So there you have it! I can’t say yet whether this wall-hanging bender will continue – I do have more things to hang and fancy ways to hang them – but I do appreciate your sweet patience and comments along the way! Because... hey. Pssssst. I put holes in my walls and the world didn’t end. High five!


Rachel said...

Isn't bathroom lighting just the best? What's with that, anyway?? I love that you feel emboldened(?) enough to put stuff on the walls now. Throw that caution to the wind!