27 March 2013

Nashville on my mind

I warned you guys... my power screwdriver and me, we’re on a roll.

Yesterday I told you how I christened our living room walls with two wedding photos... something I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever do. I love our wedding photos, but I usually prefer wall art with symbolic importance rather than, you know, straight-up HERE IS A PHOTO OF AN IMPORTANT EVENT. In yo FACE!

Yes, I prefer symbolism. Which is why I loved these Spirit of Nashville prints in our old house:

And why I’d love them here. It’s not just that I still think fondly of Nashville, I love those specific places and all they represent. The Ryman Auditorium, in addition to being a venue where Mr. P and I attended several concerts, was also a site for our engagement photos. And the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, that’s where we went for prom right before Mr. P proposed.

So even though we’ve relocated to St. Louis – no, especially because we’ve relocated – I wanted these to have a place in our new home. And I set my sights on this empty wall in the office.

That’s an awkward part of the room because it feels empty, but I obviously can’t put furniture there because of the closet door. I decided that one way to fix the empty feeling was to hang the art vertically and take up most of that wall.

To get an idea of whether that would work, I removed the old beige mats (with the old scrapbook-paper artwork still inside) and just taped them to the wall with blue painter’s tape.

I wasn’t sure how to work around the light switch at first, but I finally settled on positioning the frames centered on the wall, with the upper frame slightly above the standard 60”-from-midpoint-to-floor.

I marked the edge of the mats so I’d know where to position and hang the frames:

Then I had to deal with the framing itself. After briefly debating whether I wanted to spend an appallingly number of hours painting the frames gold, I decided to leave the frames wood-toned. But the beige mats? Noooo. They were a tannish-yellow beige which looked beautiful in our old home, but which do not play nicely at all with the pinky beige walls here. And although I may paint someday, you can really never go wrong with white.

I looked into ways to cover the existing mats, but these mats (with fancy double-beveled edge) were $5 a pop at the Lobby of Hobbies. And with a 50% discount? Can’t do better than that.

In order to center the print within the mat, I held it up to the window (using an excellent tool I haven’t had for a while, sunlight) so I could see the design from the back...

... then just taped it into place. Perfect!

Once I’d slipped the poster and mat in the frame and reassembled it, it was just a matter of using my nifty frame-hanger trick and putting a few more screws in the wall. Then, ta-da!

The scale of this apartment amazes me. Those are two large-ish, 16x20” frames, and yet they are almost too small for this wall. But for now, I’m happy enough with the scale, and happy I left the frames wood-tone – they play nicely with the (must-stay) chandelier that way.

And they’ll play even more nicely with yet another Spirit of Nashville print... once I get the guts to hang this heavy sucker on the wall.

It’s only sat there for, ohhh.... ten months. And in that time, I’ve developed a plan! But why rush now? Goodness knows, there are plenty of other things to hang on the wall... and yes. Yes, I will show you!


Rachel said...

It's really starting to look like home, Sarah. I love it!

Janice said...

Begs the question, what did you do with the third print you didn't hang? I'm referring to the "Belmont" print. I like the wood frames it adds a nice contrast and you're right, it goes well with said lighting.

Sarah said...

@Janice, Three frames on that wall was just too much vertical height, so the Belmont print will have to find a home elsewhere. I have a not-entirely-well-formed idea for it... if/when I get around to executing that idea, I'll let you know!

@Rachel, thanks so much! Hanging curtains and art works wonders, right?