14 March 2013

Taking care of business: ironing

I’m having a stand-taking sort of time these days. In addition to my March-sock-banning, I recently decided that I wasn’t allowed to start any more projects. That’s right: no serious brainstorming sessions, no creating Illustrator mock-ups, no purchasing supplies and then dumping them in that corner in the office. Why? Because I am going to finish projects. No need to start more when I have already done that for a half-dozen – dozen? – projects, and not finished a single one. Decorating ADD much?

Seriously. I keep the photos I take for the blog sorted into folders for individual projects/post ideas, and there are SO MANY FOLDERS and NONE ARE READY TO POST. Because they are not done. Nowhere near done. Mostly... just before photos. This calls for a stand, and I’m calling it “taking care of business.”

So... I need to spend some time finishing these half-started projects, big and small, and it’s not always the best blog fodder. But hey... this is real talk. This is real life.

Real life is spending a sunny Saturday in the guest room, ironing.

I really can’t complain, though. Ironing is maybe one of my favorite chores. First of all, it’s warm. I always go for warm things. And also, it makes things smooth and neat and pretty. Basically, you start with something cold and wrinkled and you make it warm and smooth. I understand how quirky this may sound, but I love that. It comforts me even more than painting white trim, and we all know how much I love painting white trim.

So! In that photo, I’m tackling the napkins I turned into pillows. Remember those?

Yeah... I bought sixteen napkins (two patterns!), then made exactly two pillows. Then I bought more pillow inserts to motivate myself to make the rest... and yet, they’re still in a pile in the guest room floor. (You can even see them in the video.) Real life!

I also bought a bunch of white cloth napkins, in some fit of environmental-consciousness-meets-swankification. Then I realized I’d have to at the very least wash them and at the worst, bleach them. Soap and bleach are not exactly environmentally friendly compared to a biodegradable paper napkin. Still! If you come for dinner, I’ll have fancy white napkins for you. They have been ironed! No longer in my pile of neglected home projects!

And finally, I broke out the ironing board to finish hemming the curtains with iron-on hem tape. This is when I hemmed the VIVANs in both the living room, as I showed you earlier this week...

AND both sides of the guest room. I scrounged around my sewing supplies and found three types of hem tape to hem the last VIVAN. Glory hallelujah. I could just never get behind the “pooled” curtain look (last seen in this guest room update post... in which I hadn’t even ironed the curtains in the first place).

Currently I’m trying to coax the VIVANs in the guest room to pleat nicely... by pinning them together with bobby pins. Hmm.

Verdict is still out on whether or not that will work. If it does, our living room curtains might look silly for a little while.

So that’s some real talk about what’s been happening here – ironing napkins, soon-to-be-pillowcovers, and curtains. Not particularly interesting to you, maybe... but to me, there are few projects that make me happier than ironing in the sun with this reminder nearby.