06 March 2013

The birthday light (of my life)

I’m really sorry about this, dear readers, but... I have to bring up my birthday. Which was last month, yes. I know! I’m an awful behind-the-times blogger. But I haven’t told you about my present yet, so let’s play catch-up!

There’s a backstory here. Mr. P’s sister and her family sent me a present (that’ll be the subject of a future post, I think), but I didn’t want to open the package when it arrived a week before my birthday. Mr. P asked why, and I told him I wanted to have a present to open actually on my birthday. He said he was getting me a present I could open on the day itself, and that I should go ahead and open this package from the family.

Well. Turns out? He got me the same thing they did. Whoops. So now he didn’t have a present AND I wouldn’t have anything to open on my birthday. WHICH I HAD JUST MADE INTO A BIG DEAL. I felt like such a brat. Wife fail.

But! This story has a happy outcome! Fortunately, Mr. P was able to quickly arrange with the seller to cancel the present he’d ordered (whew). Then, within an evening, he figured out and arranged a new present, because he is a gift-giving genius. So yeah, I still felt like a brat... but I was excited to get to open a present on my thirtieth birthday!

And what was it? Behold:

An arc floor lamp! Something I’d dreamed about for this spot, but convinced myself was unnecessarily pricey!

I love how it lights up the dark corner of the sectional:

Bonus: I’d told Mr. P that I wanted one of those lamps (thinking I might settle for the IKEA REGOLIT to save dolla dolla bills) but gave up on the idea before I actually picked one out. So it’s not like he just bought a lamp I chose... he actually selected this option himself. And you guys, that man, he gets my style.

The IKEA lamp has a weird paper shade but this one he chose? White fabric drum shade. Yes, yes!

(I know it looks yellowish because I turned the light on when I took these photos, but it’s white, promise.)

The lamp makes such a statement in the room, I love it. The overall shape is modern, but it’s not so modern that it sticks out like a sore thumb in a contemporary-traditional room. Because I can’t replace the hard-wired fixtures, this is a nice way to inject a bit of our style into the space. And it’s giant – something I don’t think is totally conveyed in these photos. It’s taller than me! See, the base is ginormous:

Toesies for scale. And no worries, I’ve since gotten the cord situation under control with the help of an extra power strip (there are three outlets in this 17x20' room. Three!). It’s nothing but awesome back there now.

So that’s what I got for my birthday! A sudden-decision yet perfect splurge-y present that I opened on my birthday... and the discovery that my husband is apparently becoming quite knowledgable about stylish décor. Couldn’t ask for more!


Rachel C said...

This one is SO much prettier and more stylish than the IKEA one. I'm glad David's last minute birthday gift allowed you to get the nicer lamp. And, I love the way it looks in the corner.

Mary Beth said...

I just sent this post to Alan and told him I want one! We have been looking for something like this for awhile, but for under $200. I love your "review" - makes the decision easier :)

And I'm very interested to hear about what his family got you ...

Glad you had a good birthday!