07 March 2013

The Casa P apartment tour, nine months later

Recently, dear reader/commenter Rachel asked for an updated Casa P house tour, and considering we’ve been in our new place for the better part of a year, I thought her idea was excellent. So, I decided to make something super-duper special for you today! Super special and super... horrifying.

I, uh. I made you a video.

I had to shoot it with my iPod instead of our fancy flip cam because the wide-angle lens looked better, even if the quality is lower. But besides that, I don’t love it for a number of reasons:

1) I make really weird facial expressions while talking in the introduction.

2) I get nervous and say the same things over and over. Oh, and sometimes I say things that are straight-up not true.

3) My house is not perfect, with its random decor and piles and forgotten projects.

I thought about picking up the house and doing a re-shoot and being generally less awkward... but instead I am posting it anyway, for the same number of reasons:

1) It occurred to me that maybe I make weird facial expressions while talking in real life and I just never knew it. This is a disturbing discovery for me, but hey, at least it’s not strange to you, maybe?

2) I say the same things over and over in real life even when I’m not nervous. As for the not-true stuff, well, I’ll let you know about that later.

3) My house is not perfect... in real life (sensing a theme?). And if I waited until my house was perfect before making a video, well, I’d never make a video.

Please be easy on me. Here we go!

And for the errata:

I don’t know why I said anything in the middle of the foyer would be “useless”. It would be totally not useless, because if we put something in the middle of that room, it better be the most darn useful thing in the house to be in the middle of the traffic pattern. I think I meant... it would annoying. Or a hindrance.

I also lied when I said I was waiting for Mr. P to help me move the china cabinet. That makes it sound like he’s unwilling to help until some point in the future. What I meant was, I only want to ASK Mr. P to help me move it once, and I don’t want to move it until I know what paint color I want to use, and I haven’t decided, so I am waiting on myself to pick out a paint color. Why did I say something mean about Mr. P? I have no idea. Sometimes my brain has a lot of ideas all at once and only fragments of them come out and they end up sounding like a totally incorrect sentence.

And finally, I was off to a bad start when I said that I hoped it worked, but if not, I hoped you enjoy it! Because... you could enjoy a video that doesn’t work? What? Lady, you are not making sense.

Oh well. I could heckle myself all day, but instead... I really will just hope that you enjoyed this video! And if nothing else, my smoky eyes were rockin’ that day, so. Bright side!

So! Is the apartment what you thought it would be from the photos? Does it all make more sense now? And... would you prefer more videos in the future (if I promise to improve my cameraperson skills and say “ummm soooo” less)? Let me know! And thanks to Rachel for the motivation!


Rachel said...

Love it, Sarah! You should do more videos.

Rachel C said...

I love the video. The layout of your apartment finally makes sense to me. For some reason I just couldn't place how all the room for together, but now it all makes sense. I love your living room. Is it perfect and complete? No. But it looks great. The changes you've made really work and make the room cozy chic. (Is that a thing??) I'm actually kind of jealous of the little hidden storage ledge in the kitchen. It looks like the perfect spot to hide random small kitchen appliances and things that normally take up counter space. Overall, great job on decorating and making Casa P your own.

Mary Beth said...

I love this!! I thought your apt was laid out in a completely different way. I feel like I've been to visit you now :) You are good at making videos - very descriptive. You should make more! I love your style!

Miranda said...

Yay for videos! Everything is really coming along. Don't be so hard on yourself; you haven't even been there a year yet. We've lived here for almost seven years, and I have never had all the rooms decorated and/or cleaned at the same time. I think you're doing so great! :)

Christal said...

this made me miss you, friend! Looks so gorgeous in there, can I hire you when we finally get a big kid place? :-)

Janice said...

HELP! The video just cut off when you entered the kitchen. I went to vimeo but couldn't find the rest of it! You can't leave me hanging like that! Do send a life line ;)

Am enjoying a peek into Casa P. very much!

Audrie said...

I haven't watched your video, but I had a good laugh at your disclaimer info! You're very funny, which is much better than being smooth on camera.