13 March 2013

What I wore: Bring on the beach

This week I decided that I’m done wearing socks. Because... it is March. March should no longer be sock weather. And although it is still decidedly “late winter” here (don’t let those sporadic warm days fool you) and although my toes have been freezing since Sunday, I’ve had it with this dreary winter nonsense. If I dress like it is warmer then maybe it will be that way.

Which is why I wore my beachy swimsuit-cover-up dress* to work last week. To work, people. And then took this photo in too-bright lighting because sunshine!

Nevermind the sweater and pants I wore along with it. Or the socks, natch, as I hadn’t taken my no-sock stand just yet.

(And seriously, sorry for the poor lighting here. I’m moving mirrors around and will eventually get a better setup.)

Dress: I honestly can’t remember, I’m sorry! It was impulse-purchased in a flurry of wedding planning a few years ago, at, say... the mall?
Jeans: my don’t-call-them-jeggins, Levi’s Denizen from Target. I love them so much I just bought another pair last weekend.
Gray cardigan: from Target, circa 2010
Tom’s: a gift from the in-laws a few years back
Owl watch locket: a gift from my parents for Christmas.

That locket is cute. It deserves a close-up.

Here’s the thing about my zanier outfits (is this one zany? I’m wearing my swimsuit coverup, you tell me): when I wear something like this to work, I totally get positive reinforcement in the form of compliments. This is not helping my professionalism, but... yeah, it’s more fun this way. And if it brings sunshine, well, BONUS.

* Don’t believe that’s what it is? See here.


Christal said...

I have made a similar stand against the weather! March marked the end of sweaters, below freezing temps or not. It seems to have backfired, though, as we've had 3-4 snows since my decision. I hope your sock strike is more inspiring for the allegedly impending spring. :-)

Christal said...

(oh, and this is a terrific outfit! :-) )

Janice said...

I have a pair of sheepskin boots for chilly winter days. Have always worn sock to keep the tootsies toasty. This past fall I bought a pair of sheepskin slippers, heck yeah they are fantastic. Seller said to NOT wear socks as the lanolin in the sheep fur is good for the skin. That was the last time I wore socks in my boots! So, I beat ya to the 'no sock' dress code! It's been great and my feet are not cold (in the boots or slippers). We won't discuss the remaining 90% of the time I am conscious during the day :)
Love the outfit!