01 April 2013

Eats: sweet potato fries with avocado crema

Happy day after Easter, dear readers! And happy first day of April! No fooling around here. I like you guys too much. I’mma just tell you about some food.

Recently, Mr. P had to work late, so I took that opportunity to make the sort of dinner that only I would like. See, I don’t think that Mr. P and I are particularly picky eaters... it’s just that we each tend to LOVE a food the other can’t stand. And some of my favorites on his no-thanks list? Sweet potatoes. Black beans. And creamy, smooth SOUP.

So when he mentioned he wouldn’t be home for dinner, I decided to let this post from Tracy at Shutterbean be my guide. The menu: sweet potato fries with avocado crema... with black bean soup. Oh boy!

To make the fries, I just needed one washed sweet potato, as it was just me. First I cut it into eighths, as Tracy suggested. But... those were really big chunks, more like wedges – and Tracy said the secret to crispy fries is smaller fries. Maybe I just had a massive sweet potato compared to Tracy’s? But it was the smallest in the bin! Hmmm.

So, I kept cutting. I ended up with about sixteen fries instead, between a quarter- and a half-inch thick, as uniformly as I could cut them.

(PS: I cannot compete with Shutterbean’s photography. Not even gonna try, especially with my hopeless after-sunset white balancing. If you want pretty photos of this recipe, click on over. Her thing is pretty food pictures, mine is running my mouth about completing activities. Know your strengths!)

Once I cut the fries, it’s spices time! I did not measure. We are keeping this easy street. Just some salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, and paprika (smoked if you got it... I don’t).

I spread the fries out on a large baking sheet, because apparently space helps them crisp up. I should have put them on a lightly greased baking sheet, but I didn’t – spray that sucker first!

Then I drizzled a few teaspoons of olive oil over them, then tossed the fries together, then added the spice mixture and tossed them all together again. After that I spreeeeaaad them out:

Mmm, spicy.

Then I stuck them in a 450-degree oven for 30 minutes, flipping them once halfway through.

While they’re baking, I made some quick avocado cream dip. Just a mashed avocado, a squirt of lime juice (we keep a plastic bottle on hand, for better or worse), and a spoonful of sour cream. I didn’t bother with any extra seasonings; I really just wanted those flavors.

Tracy pulsed this dip in her food processor, but I couldn’t be bothered. In the end, it probably would have been better, because chunky avocado dip requires super sturdy fries... and these aren’t. But still, keeping it easy! Just mash and stir, mash and stir, and you’re good.

(I realize it’s slightly counterintuitive that I’m keeping it easy by doing more physical work mashing and stirring, but you may not understand just how much I hate climbing over the fridge to get out the food processor... especially when Mr. P’s not home to reach it for me.)

After a little while longer, the fries are done!

Honestly, they weren’t quite as crispy as I’d hoped, despite cutting them into a smaller size, spreading them out, and baking at high heat – BUT, they were better than my previous tries. Nevertheless, I did eat them with a fork, so I could get a big glob of avocadoy goodness with every bite of sweet potato.

I ate this ALL BY MYSELF with a serving of Trader Joe’s black bean soup on the side. It was a meal composed almost entirely of things Mr. P doesn’t like. Perfect to enjoy in his absence!

Although... it was a little too much food for one person, honestly... but hey, when you’re married to someone who doesn’t like sweet potatoes or black beans, whatcha gonna do?

Stuff your belly, that’s what.



Tina said...

You could've invited me... ! Looks absolutely delish!

Janice said...

You pop it into a sealed container and have instant lunch for tomorrow! :)