16 April 2013

For the beauty of the earth

This was my view yesterday around lunchtime, when I was wallowing in the out-of-sorts day I was having. When I took this photo, I was feeling sorry for myself because I’ve been too busy or tired to do laundry, because I didn’t like the shirt I was wearing, because my experiments weren’t working, because I didn’t pack a lunch, because I was spending money on a burger from a food truck, because it’s humid and I hate humidity.

So I took a picture of the flowering tree to remind myself that even when I’m bummed out, there’s really a lot of beauty in the world, and I need to keep my head up and eyes open to see it.

About an hour later, the bombs went off in Boston. And suddenly everything I was thinking, both the positive and the negative, was incredibly insignificant.

I actually wrote a post for today in advance, chatting about decorating my home, before all the events of yesterday. But now it, too, just feels so trivial and insignificant. It’d be too silly to post it today. Lacking compassion, even. I’ll get around to it tomorrow.

For today, I’m going to just keep in mind how incredibly fortunate I am to have the problems I have. Time to keep my eyes open, look for the helpers, and try to focus on the beauty ever present in this world.


Rachel C said...

This is such a simple, yet beautiful post. It sums up what we all felt yesterday. I was also having a crummy, life sucks type of day, and it all went away when I heard what happened. Such senseless violence. You are right; decorating can wait. Today let's be thankful for the shining sun (or dark, rain clouds) and all of life's little blessings.

Tina said...


Christal said...

At the marathon on monday prior to the explosions, I was reveling in the fact that I couldn't think of another time where the humanity and kindness of so many strangers was on such obvious display. Runners would come hobbling in, 2 miles from the finish, and we would get so excited if they had written their name somewhere on their bodies. That meant we could scream, "John! Go John! You've got this, John! Almost there! You're doing this!" Nobody knew who John was. But John, or Ann, or Chris, or, during some desperate times when someone needed a boost, Orange Shirt Guy, or Awesome Tights Girl, or Elvis, or Easter Bunny Guy, would suddenly smile and increase their pace at dozens of strangers screaming on encouragements. The actions of 1 or 2 has gotten the news, and thankfully we're hearing great stories of brave folks in the middle of the tragedy. The memories I'm trying to focus on from that day was how kind strangers can be in just regular situations. Most people in this world are amazing people.

Sarah said...

Oh my God, Christal. Thank you so much for that story. I really don't want to give the sadistic evil person/people that did this the satisfaction of my horror. They tried to take away the joy of that amazing experience you described and I WILL NOT LET THEM.