03 April 2013

Light, bright, white

Today I have news that many of you have been waiting for: I sort-of-kinda have permission to paint our apartment walls.

Sort of. Kinda.

Let me back up. I knew that just asking to paint the walls would be a bit touchy with our landlady, as our lease said we’d need permission to paint and then explicitly mentioned that the walls had been recently repainted prior to us moving in. Which is not really anything to do with a lease, right? I could be wrong, but I think it was a very nice way of trying to shut that convo DOWN.

And I know why she wanted to do that. While this is the master bedroom as Mr. P and I live in it today:

This is what the last tenant did to it:

Yup... that is the exact same wall. Now, to each his own, and maybe some of you would find that fun. Maybe some of you prefer that over the pinky-beige covering practically all of our walls! But I personally have a hard time thinking of that shade as anything but Cookie Monster Blue. Not only that, but the adjoining foyer was navy blue. The kitchen, green. The guest room? A different shade of cookie monster blue.

I know what you’re thinking (because it’s what I was thinking): it’s just paint, and can be painted over. Still, I can see why a landlady would see that and think OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE. Ugly walls upset me, too.

But the other issue was... she likes these pinky-beige walls. She picked it out, and I’m sure it was a vast improvement over the Cookie Monster walls. So to be diplomatic, I tried lines like “It’s a lot of beige for a long-term lease” and even “Occasionally it reads a little pink”.

(The occasion being all the dang time, but whatever.)

Anyway. I made my case and eased her nerves and promised to show paint chips. And ultimately yes... I will paint! But not today, not tomorrow, not next week. I need to think first.

And what am I currently thinking about? Call me crazy, but... white. Okay, not pure white, but... definitely in the neighborhood of white.

(I tried to source as best as I could, but Pinterest can be a wasteland of incorrect and broken links. For all of these photos I linked back as far as I could go, even if it wasn’t very far!)

I know, I know, after years of people complaining about white apartment walls, I want to paint mine white. Yes. But in addition to being light and bright, white (and near-whites) seem to let you pile on layers of colors and contrast while still looking neat and polished.

That last photo actually comes from a post called “The Power of White” and talks about why an all-white is making a comeback... and it’s a nearly year old. Surprise, I’m behind the times! That never happens!

Am I crazy for considering whites and ivories? I’m not sure yet. Which is why I’m also entertaining colors other than white – mostly grayish shades of green, blue, and beige. Those colors would still create a clean look but let the white trim and curtains stand out a bit more, perhaps?

Yes, it’s a far cry from the dark gray master bedroom of yore, but I think I’m in to light and bright nowadays, so I’ll embrace it. And hey, any of those would be an improvement over pinky-beige... and certainly better than Cookie Monster Blue!


Rachel C said...

Yay!! Paint! I did giggle a bit when you said that you want to paint the walls white, since you used "it's a lot of beige for a long term lease" as an argument for painting. But I can't wait to see what you settle on!

Sarah said...

@Rachel C, haha! Well, at least in my defense, I wouldn't paint ALL the walls white. But I agree, she's going to think I'm nuts if I paint them white after arguing against beige... and I don't think she'd be alone!