25 April 2013

More real-life Pinterest

A few months back, I mentioned that I picked up a subscription of Better Homes & Gardens from Amazon during a $5 magazine sale. Or maybe... it’s just always $5 at Amazon? Because the deal still stands, if you need a little treat that last a whole year!

It’s been awhile since I mentioned what I do with these magazines, too. I think the last time I shared my method was here, a year and a half ago! So just to bring you up to speed: Rather than accumulate magazines that are only occasionally flipped through, I read each magazine with the intent to save anything inspiring in my design notebook.

The rest goes in the recycling bin (an upgrade from the trash can back in Nashville, eh?). Because as I said back then, I don’t ever see piles of magazines in my inspiration photos, so why keep them in my house?

So! I thought I’d show you some of the things that made my design notebook this time around... but there’s a twist this time, as there’s some multimedia interactivity blah di blah involved. You’ll see what I mean!

First of all, here’s just a few ideas I liked from this issue. This photo of a fabric-covered bookshelf has me rethinking all those baker’s racks I pass up at the thrift shops...

Of course, a fabric-backed bookcase isn’t a new idea (I’ve toyed with the idea myself) but I hadn’t considered lining the back of an open shelf like this. The execution has me thinking! I wish there were a close-up view to see how the fabric is attached, but the point of the photo was the versatility of bookcases. Something for me to figure out the next time I see a $20 shelf at the thrift shop!

Next... it’s clear I’m pulling a Picasso with my current blue period, but when I saw this full-page Walmart (!) ad, I had a little pang of green envy...

Yes, blue functions as a neutral quite well (when’s the last time you were concerned that your blue jeans clashed with the rest of your outfit?), but I forget that green can do it pretty well too. Maybe a designer decided to paint the wall and cabinet green, but they sure didn’t make the leaves green. They come that way. I’m always craving a bit more nature in a room (it adds life, I think), and this reminded me that green is a good way to go – especially with all the white, gray/silver, and wood in my rooms!

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for a rug in the foyer, but I’ve had trouble finding a style that I like (except for the long-loved expensive wool rug of my dreams). But the one in this photo, oh!

It doesn’t list a source (shakes fist) but now I have an idea of what I might want to look for in a flat-weave traditional-print rug. If you find one, would you pretty please tell me?

And finally, here’s the interactive part of this magazine. See, for a while now, BHG has featured bloggers and their projects in the pages of this magazine. Well, not just the pages – also the cover.

That’s the guest room of Elements of Style blogger Erin! Which means this is a case of “If you like this room, visit her website for more!” Nifty, eh?

But honestly, I loved that photo before I even realized it was a blogger’s home (I admit I don’t read EOS regularly... too little time to read everything!). Why did I love it so much? Look at the nightstand. Now look at the dresser, right next to it. Big wooden dresser with gold hardware. Little white nightstand with silver knobs. Co-existing peacefully in a stylish room! When I get around to finishing our guest room, you’ll see why this photo was total validation for some of my decisions in there.

EOS is on the cover, but another blogger, Beckie at Infarrantly Creative, got the last word:

I love her pattern mixing, I love her use of neutrals and pastels, and I really daggum love those painted striped curtains. I’m in a bit of a stripe overload right now (unfortunate for Mr. P, who doesn’t like stripes) so I’ve held off painting gray stripes on my white curtains. But if you’re wanting a tutorial... boom. BHG tips you off, and Beckie can give it to you on her website!

Before I had this BHG subscription, I had House Beautiful, and I really think that BHG does a better job of featuring bloggers. It’s so fun to see glossy magazine photos of projects that started out on blogs – and even more fun to be able to click around their websites for more material. Truly worth the $5 splurge every year for this bit of entertainment and inspiration! (No Amazon affiliate links, promise. Just wanted to share the fun with you!)


Rachel C said...

Have you checked West Elm for a rug? They have fun, stylish, yet classic rugs that aren't too expensive. PLUS!! they run sales all the time, and good one. We recently got a brand new 5x8 rug for 30% off with no shipping surcharge. And, if you sign up for the emails, you'll get random "15% off your entire purchase" deals. I have a cart full of little decorative items for my living room just waiting for a sale.