11 April 2013

No choice

I’m just going to come right out and say it: sometimes having choices is a very bad thing.

I’m not the first to say it (see here, for just one excellent example) but it still seems counterintuitive. It seems like the wide variety of choices in décor and design is amazing. Sites like Pinterest, serving up all the options in a delightfully scrolly way, should be a downright luxury! So much to see, so many beautiful rooms so much to make your own!

But having all these choices available to me, I’m realizing, means I’m at first paralyzed by indecision. And if I followed through with everything I liked, I’d have a totally schizophrenic looking room. Yes, some people say, “I just buy what I like!” and they put it all together in some eclectic, enviable collection. But if I did that, my room would be chaotic. And just as I said about paint colors, I always prize cohesion over any one of the parts.

As the evolution of our new home continues, I recently decided that I’m pinning down a style and sticking to it. No copying a photo I like just because I like it! There are way too many things I like. No, instead I need everything to fit, to make sense in the big picture. And in many ways, that new resolve is a bummer, because that now means I’m intentionally moving away from other styles I like. Styles that are featured in some blogs I seriously crush on.

So. Today I’m going to admit those crushes, those homes I adore. In some alternate universe, I’m already decorating our apartment just like them. And maybe someday I will, in fact, decide to act upon the inspiration they provide. Just... not now.

First up: Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook. Jenny won the gold in the last Homies awards, and it’s pretty obvious why. I first found her blog when trying to source the photo for these modified bookshelves (all photos in this post have a link back to the source’s original author, of course!):

I just adore her old-fashioned-meets-modern color take on décor. For instance: pelmets. Who today thinks pelmets are a good idea, and then who thinks they should be hot pink?

Someone with a far better eye for design than me, that’s who. I want to live in her daughter’s room. Dude, does she know how to work color. If I were going to fill our home with bold jewel tones, I would so be taking notes when I read her blog.

I said above that I want to avoid the super-eclectic, curated look, but Jenny’s collected-style living room is nevertheless perfectly enviable:

One thing I will try to take away from her blog, though, is how to mix furniture styles so effortlessly; I already own a few different pieces that I love and need to make them work. And lookit, those are totally different types of furniture and she makes them play so nicely together!

Next up is Mandi at Vintage Revivals. This girl, she knows how to rock midcentury modern. Emphasis on “modern”.

I have such a soft spot for midcentury furniture, but I need to resist the urge to go all-out midcentury-modern-especially-modern. Even though she makes it looks so dang good. A part of me deeply wants a home that looks like the best thrift shop ever.

But the room in Mandi’s home that really makes me swoon and drool and pick my jaw up from the floor is their master bedroom.

You seriously need to click through and see the rest of that incredible master bedroom. I love all of it.

Then there’s Michelle at 4 Men 1 Lady. If Mandi’s home is the greatest thrift shop ever, Michelle’s home is a ZGallerie. And her living room in their old home was one of my very first pins when I joined Pinterest:

Hey, that looks like a room I’d decorate – look at all those neutrals (stripey pillows and white curtains, what is UP)! Except... I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a white sofa. And super modern dining chairs and an awesome chandelier also feel slightly out of my comfort zone, as much as I adore them.

Still, the entryway in their old home is like something I’d do but just, more. It’s my style, cranked to eleven.

Then Michelle sold this home and started decorating a new home, and I dare say, it’s almost enough to make me paint everything I own white:

You should click through so you can see how that space started out (it’s an incredible transformation! And please note that she has three sons. I only have one husband and my own klutzy self, and I’m not brave enough to have all-white... even though I waaaant it.

And finally, the grand prize for Home I’d Like to Have But Won’t is Emily A. Clark. Of all the homes I’ve mentioned today, hers feels the most accessible, but is ever so slightly more bold than I’m comfortable with for now. She moved semi-recently to a new home, but in her old home, she mastered the art of modern meets traditional:

Emily’s office in the new home is absolutely jaw-dropping, one of my favorite rooms I’ve seen throughout the entire blogosphere...

Even if I’ll never have metal industrial chairs or an orange ikat rug. I still love.

See, Emily’s house is the hardest for me not to have. I mean, see how she’s decorated around their piano. It’s stunning!

However, the way her new living room is, it seems to be... dare I say... something I could actually do, right now?

I’m not so sure about the contrasty pillow and throw, or the leopard print ottoman. Not because I don’t like them (I love everything in this post!), but I don’t know how to make them work with the rest of my selected style. But the rest... yes. And either way, I’ll continue to lust over Emily’s home!

So there you have it, four absolutely crush-worthy blogs... that are very different from the direction I hope to take our home. Please, pay them a visit and enjoy all they show of their beautiful homes! And then see if you’re finding it as hard to say no as I am.


Rachel said...

I suffer from the same illness. So many likes. Must.Make.Cohesive.