23 April 2013

STL adventures: Birmingham!

Last week I told you about my recent trip to Minnesota. And here I am, not even a week later, recounting our adventures in Alabama. Sorry for all the travelogues, but as I said, it’s hard to focus on decorating a home when I’m not spending time in it! But at least this trip has a tenuous connection to this here blog, partly because I was visiting a far-flung friend and a new city, but also because I was attending the wedding of a dear childhood neighbor and friend... and blog reader. Yup! Hi, MB! The subject of today’s post is you!

So yes, although I had already spent several weekends in a row of traveling, I decided to drive eighteen hours round-trip for a wedding in Alabama last weekend. But it was totally worth it, because not only was the wedding fantastic, I got to spend it with these lovely folks:

Those are my parents, for you newer readers (well, the people in the foreground. NOT the dude make the unfortunate face in the background). My mom counts the bride’s mother among her best friends, so of course she wanted to attend the wedding as well! And bonus: they live halfway between St. Louis and Birmingham, making them an excellent stopping point for weary travelers (i.e. Mr. P and me).

Of course, it was also well worth spending the trip with this hottie:

We clean up pretty nicely when not eating ice cream on the sofa in our PJs!

(Sidebar: here’s the shot I sent Mr. P from the dressing room at Macy’s when I found that dress.

Excited much? I found it for an absolute steal because it didn’t have the markdown price on the tag. Everyone else assumed it was on the clearance rack by mistake, but I’m that desperate soul who checks the price anyway. And you bet your buns I’mma wear this at every wedding I attend this year. Because I am classy but I am more frugal.)

Anyway! The wedding and reception were both held in a converted warehouse in downtown Birmingham, and it was so full of industrial swank that I almost didn’t feel hip enough to be there.

But I’m sure glad I was, to see this adorable couple starting their life together. And what a start!

The party they threw was absolutely fantastic. Great food, great music, great setting.

Of course, I’m partial to anything involving hydrangeas and white wine. Oh, and CAKE. Delicious strawberry cake! We all have our quirks, and one of the bride’s is her dislike of chocolate. I KNOW. It was totally to my advantage to be her friend around Halloween time every year. Sure, I’ll trade you all my hard candy for your chocolate bars! (Sucker.)

Right before that cake-cutting photo was taken, I got to chat with the bride. She mentioned it was almost time for cake, and Mr. P warned her not to make any weird faces. Because, you know... in all the cake-cutting photos from our wedding, I am contorting my face into the oddest wide-eyed grimace-frown for absolutely no reason. Great job, MB! You look like a pro!

Here’s a photo of MB with her mom, and me with my mom, showing just how the well the gracious bride could work the room and chat with her guests:

It was such a joy to be there, you guys. Thank goodness my mom befriended her mom and arranged all those playdates nearly thirty years ago!

Because there are bonds that cannot be broken when you spend years of your lives living down the street from each other, watching Supergirl on VHS together, fighting over who gets the AWESOME Rainbow Brite tray and who gets the AWFUL Cabbage Patch Kids tray, bouncing on the trampoline (at her house) or lounging in the wading pool (at mine), and going back and forth between houses on tricycles, then bikes, then cars. And those bonds mean that it was truly an honor to count her wedding among our many shared experiences!

Cheers to MB and her new husband! (Now, everyone tell this dear blog reader how she looks totally gorgeous in these photos!)


Christal said...

you all look gorgeous!

Rachel C said...

Congrats, MB! The wedding venue is stunning! And I love the simple, elegant, less is more decorations.

And Sarah, amazing dress!!

Tina said...

The venue, the food, and seeing friends again was all amazing! Even the hotel was extra cool and the full breakfast (w/friends again!)was great sustenance for the drive home and to cap off the fun weekend!
I esp. like the picture of the table decor and MB and A dancing in the background - if that guy at our table had just had his bottle koozie turned around so that their names and wedding date would've been showing... dang, that would have made it THE perfect picture.
MB was so pretty, per usual, and the only one who rivaled the bride were her mother and sisters - such beautiful ladies all! <3
(Btw, one of these pix of me is going on my fridge door as a reminder to keep it shut! Ugh.=P)

Mary Beth said...

Yay!!!! Oh my, I am so behind on my Redheaded Stepchild blog reading! Sarah - this post MADE MY DAY. I hope you don't mind if I send it to a few people. You took amazing pictures! I cannot tell you how good it was to see you and your mom (and Ron and David, of course!). It means the world to me that you all came so far to be there. I'm so proud to have my very own blog post - now I am famous :) Love ya'll!

Mara Read said...

Love these memories!!

Sarah said...

@MB - Oh yay, I'm glad it made your day!! (Some people are picky about their photos online, and unfortunately I'm often an "ask forgiveness not permission" person...) But I did want you to see these photos since sometimes it's a while before you get all your professional photos! It was such an honor to be there, so lovely to see your family again, and SUCH a fun party, haha! Congrats again to you and Alan!