10 April 2013

What I wore: my favorite stripey dress

Praise the Lord and Hallelujah, because spring has finally, at last, hit this fair city. At least, it hit this week. Next week it may snow. Who knows! It’s a weather adventure!

I’ve been taking advantage of the warm weather, at least until it goes away again this weekend, by busting out the skirts and sandals. To heck with lab-safe close-toed shoes, this girl finally painted her toenails and she is gonna show them off.

(Pardon the wonky fun-house curve in the mirror, would you pretty please?)

The most embarrassing part of the outfit is that it came entirely from Tar-zhay. But the best part is the price:

Black and khaki-gold stripey dress: discovered on the clearance rack for less than FIVE DOLLA BILLS, Y’ALL. I think it was still there only because it’s an extra-small, but Target’s sizing is wackadoodle, so it easily fits very-medium-sized me.
Black tank: purchased forever ago, probably for something like six bucks
Black leggings: found in the tights section for seven-ish dollars
Gold braided sandals: purchased last year for $15, but they’ve got a similar style this year. Hmm, I might need another pair.

Please note that my cheap sandals were almost half the cost of this outfit. Heck yes!

Also note that my dress is striped with the colors both of my alma mater and Mr. P’s current school, which he coached to win a national championship this weekend. Double heck yes!

School spirit! Saving-money spirit! Spring spirit! I AM HAPPY ABOUT EVERYTHING! Good gosh, I needed this sunshine.


Janice said...

Thanks for the smile this morning. You look ready for spring. No matter where the outfit came from, you wear it well!

Miles said...

Holy smokes.. coach of the national championship chess team-- high five congrats!! how awesome is that?!

Tina said...

Ditto what Janice said... yes! :-)

Miles said...

Thought of you: