29 May 2013

Arresting Development *

Hey, reader! We’re nearing the end of the month, and that means I’ve been putting together the list of My Favorite Things for this month to share with you all. There’s a lot on there! And I realized that a full half of it was all related to... Arrested Development.

Yes. Like practically everyone else, I am a huge AD fan, and if you’re not... well, now is a good time to start. All the episodes, both old and resurrected-from-a-seven-year-cancellation new are streaming on Netflix. I don’t know anyone who’s given the show a chance and not fallen obsessively in love with it. Don’t be a chicken or make a huge mistake, give it a try!

Now. If you, like me, have watched the old episodes several times each and felt joyful vindication at the show’s rebooting, then perhaps you, too, will enjoy this roundup of beautiful Arrested Development homages. I’ve had a massive to-do list at work lately, so I could use the funny. Forget the fact that this is supposed to be a blog about my projects just for today and have some funny, too!

First of all, let’s revisit the many inside jokes. Recurring Developments has it all mapped out for you, where each joke is in each episode (if you’re on a smartphone, put it away and enjoy this on a regular computer):

Reading the “One-time callbacks” and “You might have missed” blurbs in the show descriptions kept me entertained for the better part of an hour.

Once you’ve read through all of that, you can move on to NPR’s map of all the inside jokes for each character – UPDATED with the new season!

I haven’t gotten into that one quite as much because I’m only a few episodes into the new season. I could pretend it’s because I have loads of self-discipline to avoid binge-watching, but really... it’s only my work schedule is preventing it. Otherwise I’d totally have watched all seven hours of new shows in one day!

Okay, so those links above are the jokes you know and love, right? Well. There’s a good hundred you probably missed. Yes, you. I’ve watched the shows at least half a dozen times each, and I hadn’t noticed most of them! Check out this list of 53 Arrested Development jokes you probably missed....

... and this list of 53 MORE Arrested Development jokes you probably missed.

(Tobias is an albino black man? What? Oh my gosh, that actually makes a lot of sense.)

After all those clever inside jokes, you might be wondering why the show got cancelled in the first place. For that, here’s Slate’s take on why the show was quite literally ahead of its time. Technology has just now caught up to it! Then here’s an interview with the show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, on how he dealt with the show’s cancellation and how they’re bringing it back.

And finally... a recipe. One that’s way better than any recipe I’ve posted here.

Whew! That’s a lot of Arrested Development, but it was all too good not to share. Consider them freebies! I hope you’re enjoying re-watching the old episodes and savoring the new ones as much as me. Now... say goodbye to these!

* As in, what’s been keeping me from focusing on the massive workload I’ve had this past week. And I’m a developmental biologist! Ehh? Ehhh? Come on!