06 May 2013

Eats: Kosmic Karma pizza, a la Mellow Mushroom

For the past few months, Fridays have generally been pizza night around Casa P. Which means... yes, we end up eating a lot of pizza, once leftovers are factored in to the equation. But do you hear me complaining? Not at all! Because pizza is fantastic! Take it from all the little kids during the children’s sermon at church; the priest asked them what their favorite food was, and after the first four or five responses, he finally said, “Does anyone have a favorite food besides pizza?”

Pizza night at our place involves homemade pizza, yes, but it’s not always an elaborate affair at our place. Recently, though, I decided to try to re-create a favorite pizza from our time in Nashville: the Kosmic Karma from Mellow Mushroom. Spinach, roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, pesto, and goat cheese, yum! With artichokes on our version because of course.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to copy Mellow Mushroom’s perfect dough, so I didn’t even try. I went with my standard focaccia base instead. I make it in the morning before with three cups of flour, one and a half cups of water, a half-teaspoon of yeast, and a sprinkling (no of course I don’t measure) of salt and garlic powder. I just stir to combine – no need to knead! – and let it sit for ten hours or so in a large tupperware bowl with a lid, to keep it from drying out on top. Easy peasy.

Yeast, you make my kitchen like magic.

Then I turn the dough out on a greased pizza pan sprinkled generously with cornmeal and stretch it out (dusting my hands with cornmeal too; it’s sticky!):

Brush it with olive oil, then pop it in a pre-heated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes. Crust: accomplished!

While the crust baked, I gathered my ingredients for the toppings.

Two roma tomatoes, a handful of spinach, and about half a can of artichokes. Also involved in the efforts: jarred pizza sauce (if you wanna be fancy, make this instead), shredded mozzarella, goat cheese, pre-julienned sundried tomatoes...

..and pesto. I put it in a makeshift piping bag (a Ziploc bag with a corner snipped off):

By the time I got the toppings all together, the crust was done! Time to pile it on: the red pizza sauce and some shredded mozzarella, then the spinach and artichokes, then the roma and sundried tomatoes:

Then MOAR CHEESE PLEASE!! Shredded mozzarella (yes, again) and goat cheese, as well as little pesto squiggles:

My pesto squiggles weren’t quite the impressive spiral that Mellow Mushroom manages, but oh well.

Finally, I popped the whole shebang back into the oven – first 425 degrees for about seven minutes, then under the broiler for a few extra minutes to get the toppings a little brown and crisp.

Then voila! Some Kosmic Karma for your world.

Is it as tasty as Mellow Mushroom’s? Well, no. I can’t copy their delicious honey wheat crust to save my life. BUT, this was a good enough copy that it caused me to reminisce about the times Mr. P and I would buy a pizza to go and take it to the park to eat it. And sometimes, that’s all I really ask from my food.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a Kosmic Karma, seek out a Mellow Mushroom and give it a try (I swear this isn’t sponsored in any way... I just really miss their pizza). And if you’re not near one, try this pizza on your next pizza night!


I decided to start doing something new this week on Mondays alongside my “recipe” posts. “Recipe” in quotes because, 95% of the time, this is more about documenting my kitchen (mis)adventures than actually providing useful information. I know this. A pro food blogger, I am not.

However! I thought on Mondays I’d also share a glimpse into something else food-related around Casa P that may be relevant to your interests: our meal plan. I figure, I’m writing one each week, so why not share it? Whether you copy it outright (doubtful) or use it to trigger ideas for your own cooking (more likely), I hope it’s useful to you! So here it is:

The Redheaded Stepchild’s Monday Meal Plan!

This week’s meal plan isn’t particularly elaborate, as I wrote it off the top of my head while Mr. P and I waited for a table for Saturday date night dinner so we could grocery shop around the corner afterwards. Married date nights always involve errands, don’t they?

Sunday: chicken (a new recipe, I’ll share it soon!) with roasted potatoes and asparagus (not very Cinco-de-Mayo, though perhaps the dessert was... again, I’ll share it soon!)

Monday: grilled pork chops with Caesar salad, grilled artichokes, and potatoes (another new recipe!)

Tuesday: Mr. P has a school event, so I’ll have leftovers or cereal or whatever I find in our kitchen that I can reasonably wrap in a flour tortilla

Wednesday: two-for-one Chipotle burritos for Teacher Appreciation Day!

Thursday: Thai red curry with rice and vegetables

Friday: sausage pizza (for pizza night!) with salad

Saturday: wild card! leftovers OR spaghetti with meat sauce using leftover sausage (wild card Saturdays allow us to eat up leftovers or go out to eat if we want, but I like to have something on hand just in case)

So that’s our meals for the week! Is this helpful to you? I don’t know! I really don’t! So if you’d like insight into our meal plan each week, let me know!


Janice said...

Secret to their crust? Garlic butter and a sprinkle of Parm cheese.
Check out this video clip. I was hoping it was a knock off recipe of the crust ;) Sadly it's not but does show him making the Kosmic Karma pizza.


Michelle G. said...

That pizza looks so awesome! I just googled to see if there is a Mellow Mushroom in Denver, and there is! I don't think it would taste quite the same though without the good company.

Tina said...

Personally I like seeing your food plan as we do our food shopping anywhere from Thursdays - Sundays, usually. I used to do my own planning (I still have the index cards with Dinner Week #1, #2, #3 incl. shopping lists...). But I got very bored, inflexible, and stressed with it and chucked the idea (after about #3, I think... ;-)). I love new stuff surprises and easiness most of all so yours will definitely provide the inspiration... and I myself have "mellow"ed enough that the stress of having a PLAN doesn't mean I HAVE to stick to it.I now look on "chucking" as one of my virtues. ;-)