07 May 2013

Make-up [bag] change-up

Remember last week, when I was fighting the urge to throw everything out of my house and start all over with only the very basics? I’m still fighting it. (What, you thought I could refrain from a reference like that?)

Fortunately, I’m combatting it by organizing the heck out of our place. No nook, no cranny is exempt. Just yesterday I wandered into the living room and asked Mr. P if this one-and-a-half inch scrap piece of baseboard (?) I found amongst some scrap fabric, a compass (?), and harmonicas (?!) was his, or important. Uh, no. No it was not. Why do we have a scrap piece of baseboard? How did that get moved here? And how did it get mixed up with some harmonicas? Why do we have harmonicas? I have no idea. MUST REMEDY.

One of the things getting the organizational treatment was my makeup bag. For close to a decade, I used this giant quilted monster:

It was a gift, and though it wasn’t particularly my style then or now, I used it because hey, free. And hey, giant! Just look at everything it could hold:

That sculpting disk is nearly six inches across, for perspective. And that’s just ONE of the two giant pockets! Which were so dang full that the whole shebang nearly took up my half my suitcase when I was traveling recently. And did I need to need sculpt my face for my friend’s baby shower? No, I most certainly did not.

I do have an explanation for letting this get out of control. First: Giant bag. It’s gonna get filled up. But second: once upon a time, I was dating a guy who lived in an entirely different suburb and, well, sometimes a girl needs an overnight bag ready-to-go. (No judgment. I married him! So there.) Packing and unpacking the bag became tedious, so I just started keeping everything in there, all the time. EVERYTHING. Any little random one-off makeup purchase was in there. Eyelash curler used only on special occasions? Two pairs, inexplicably, of nail clippers? Three different shades of foundation depending on the tan situation? A few regretfully purchased eye shadow? Everything.

Nowadays, I’m not staying away from home every few nights anymore. And when I do go on an overnight trip, Mr. P and I share a fancy toiletry bag for soap and toothbrushes and whatnot. So there was really no need to haul out the giant makeup bag for daily use (or especially for traveling). Plus that bag... well, so many years of constant use had it looking a little ragged. More than a little. “Gross-tastic” probably describes it best.

So I wanted a new bag, one for daily makeup only, one that was smaller and would force me to economize. But new stuff = more clutter, so I looked around to see what I could repurpose. And I found this.

That’s a little clutch purse that my mother bought a while back as a birthday present for my grandma, who then politely rejected it. (You can do that when you’re that age, you know. Just thank someone for a gift and then give it back to them the next time you see them.) My mom then passed it on to me, completely unused. And while I entertained using it a purse myself, I never did. Not because I wasn’t into faux alligator (I am all about the quirky accessories). No, it just didn’t pass the all-important “can I shove my DSLR into it” test.

So it remained completely unused, until I realized... hey, that’s a perfect little makeup bag! I filled it with just the essentials for what I call “church-ready” makeup. You know, not a formal event, but perhaps more than what I wear everyday.

Everything fits in there just barely and just so, with each item getting a designated spot. And because I don’t want it to accumulate clutter, that’s perfect!

Because my organizational compulsion is loving “things arranged neatly” shots nowadays, here’s everything I fit in the main section:

(I know three eyeshadows seems excessive, but they are different shades, and they are important. And hey, they all fit in my tiny makeup bag so it’s not that bad.. Don’t hate.)

And here’s what goes in the front pocket:

I’m calling this mini-project rousing success, as I was able to organize and economize and buy nothing new and repurpose something I already owned. Bonus points for admitting when something is super-gross and calling it a day on that item, instead of clinging to it. (I probably shouldn’t be rubbing stuff that’s stored in years of grime onto my face.)

Anyone joining me in this spring cleaning and organizing binge? If you’re not, you might be soon. I’m on a roll!


Miranda said...

I recently did something similar! I was, unexplainably, using all of my makeup bags to store my makeup on my dresser. Anytime we went anywhere, I had to dump out one of the bags, leaving a giant mess, and pack up all my makeup. Every time. It was dumb. So I bought a new bag and put the makeup I actually use in it. *Sigh* So much easier! :)

Tina said...

I saw this on Pinterest and I think you have it - CDO. It's like OCD, but it's in alphabetical order, as it should be!
Before you totally chuck that make-up bag, try washing it with a load of towels on laundry day. I recently did that with mine and they came out all sparkly. After air-drying, I determined I really didn't need new one after all. :-)