13 May 2013

Mom Wisdom

Hey errbody, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day yesterday! Even though I’m a day behind in celebrating here, I figured it’s never too late for some Mom Wisdom. Especially when it comes from my mom, because (humblebrag) she did a pretty great job.

Get people to take photos of you with your baby. If you can’t, set up the tripod and the remote and take them yourself. ALL THE TIME. Years from now, your kid is going to marvel at just how few photos there are of the two of you.

Encourage your kid take risks. Case in point: let your kid roller skate even if they cannot yet strap said roller skates to their own feet.

If you’re going to be caught in a canoe-rowing situation, at least wear a sweet little dress and/or fashionable sunglasses so you can look classy while doing it. Also: safety first!

You should probably not purchase an ice cream cone for your kid in ninety-degree weather. But if you do, help them eat it in the least messy way possible.

Be the sort of mom who isn’t afraid to dress yourself and the aforementioned messy kid entirely in white. Also, go ahead and belt that dress. Your waist IS skinny enough. Promise.

Join your kid and walk alongside them for their faith journey and any unfortunate plaid trends.

Make sure you clip that newspaper photo of you and your kid at high school graduation. It may be the only one you have of that day, considering that you spent most of it taking all the photos yourself.

Pestering your kid about being “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” will get you absolutely nowhere.

But when your kid is the bride, take that joy of roller skates and ice cream cones and unfortunate plaid and high school graduations and let it show on your face in every single photo. Because you worked your buns off to guide your kid to that moment, and you deserve every ounce of joy you feel.

For all moms, but particularly my classy and adorable mom: celebrate yourself! You are loved, you are appreciated. And you look really pretty today.


Tina said...

Best Mother's Day surprise ever!!! Thank you for the immortalizing tribute, Sweetheart!

Mary Beth said...

Love this post. Miss Tina - you are so pretty! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Janice said...

What a wonderful post today! You ARE correct, III was the one behind the camera (by choice) so there are very few pictures of me with my kids growing up. I have zillions of them though :)
Miss Tina is a wonderful Mom and she's raised an incredibly beautiful, caring, considerate, young lady.