30 May 2013

My Favorite Things, May edition

Guess what! May is out, scout, and that means it’s time for another round of My Favorite Things. At least, My Favorite Things That Aren’t Arrested Development. Which is, surprisingly, still quite a lot of things this month!

Let’s start with the one thing that made me squee every. dang. time:

Commander Hadfield’s return to Earth

Ok, yes, I’ve endorsed Commander Hadfield and his ISS adventures before. Because he is awesomesauce incarnate and takes photos like this:

Or I should say, took. Because he came back to Earth this month and at first, I admit, I was really, really dreading it. I kinda just wanted him to stay in space being the world’s (universe’s!) best science ambassador ever.

But then he made this video that I watched/listened to nonstop for about a week:

(Yes, that’s actually him singing and playing the guitar. Can you catch the slightly-altered lyrics that are specific to his ISS adventure?)

And then, just like that, I suddenly I wanted no more for that man than to return safely to Earth, where he belongs. So I watched almost every minute of the hour-long Soyuz capsule return to Earth, holding my breath for the landing, waiting to go to bed until I saw that Commander Hadfield was out, safe and sound. And even then, he looked so fragile and wan that I was nearly crying with worry (okay, fine, actually crying with worry). I kept whimpering to Mr. P that I wanted him to give me a thumbs up. I just needed that universal signal from him that he was okay. Please, let him be okay.

When he suddenly did give a thumbs-up there on that live feed, I felt like he had done it just for me. Me and the millions of other friends he had made here on Earth.

I thought that endorsing Commander Hadfield at the end of this month, after his historic spaceflight, would be a little like useleslly enthusing over a television show that’s already been cancelled. But... he’s still going! The day-to-day of his life back on Earth is still oddly fascinating when it’s told from his adorable excited-scientist standpoint. He’s still posting his photos from the ISS on Twitter, so yes, you should still follow him. And we can all continue to watch and re-watch his amazing moments from space – here’s a good roundup.

Gosh, I love that guy. I just want to have dinner with Commander Hadfield. Or just hang out sometime. Or maybe... if he could just, like, be my uncle. That would be incredible.


There’s very little that can follow the greatness that is Commander Hadfield, but this game is at least in his same spirit of expedition:

The premise is so boringly simple – I admit, I couldn’t even be bothered to click on the link the first few times it was recommended to me. And yet this game is super, crazy, wonderfully additive. Geoguessr drops you someplace in the world (via Google Maps), you drop a pin on the map to guess where you are. There’s no rules about scrolling or zooming – I have the personal rule that I am allowed to pan around, zoom in, and move only enough to see more clearly what was in the original view. Mr. P doesn’t zoom in or pan around at all. And that’s why his personal best score is far less than mine: 19,116. (Don’t believe me? Proof.) If you love the game too, show me your best score!

A beautiful [substitute] wedding band

I think aloud a lot. Not so much at work, but constantly at home. Mr. P, fortunately, is used to this. I’ll muse, “Maybe I should get this or that,” and Mr. P will register absolutely no expression at all, as that is his Listening Face. Then I’ll immediately forget what I said/thought, and a month will go by, and Mr. P will suddenly surprise me with the thing I thought about getting.

Such was the case with this Swarovski infinity band:

See, I casually considered aloud about getting a cheap substitute wedding band so I could leave my fancy rings at home when we go to Mexico next month... then immediately forgot that idea. Soon after, Mr. P presented me with that little beauty. It was inexpensive enough that I’m willing to wear it on the beach in Mexico, but not so cheap that it’ll turn my finger green. The only downside? It’s so pretty, I’ve had a hard time leaving it in my jewelry box.

Making mashed potatoes in the Kitchenaid mixer


It’s the best. The absolute best. Don’t let my poorly white-balanced photo fool you. I’ll share a recipe soon, but in the meantime, boil your potatoes and then mix away!

Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”

Presenting: my official song of Summer 2013.

The part at 4:30 gets stuck in my head all the dang time now. Please invite me to all your wedding receptions/pool parties/barnburners and play this song so I can dance to it.

And excellent remixes of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”

Including this one.

Paging Pentatonix!

Have you guys fallen in love with a spaceman? Chosen your song of the summer? Had a LIFE-CHANGING DISCOVERY in your kitchen? Tell me about it!


Tina said...

I cry over Hadfield's video, too...